Technolodgy Stops Play 9

My Laptop is dead, RIP Greenie (yes it has a name).  I know I bet you were expecting it to be snow stops play, but no it has stopped school for the last two days and looks like no let up for the rest of the week.
Thankfully Suzanna at A Modern Mother is hosting the first Mummy Bloggers Canival of the decade, so there is much more intesresting blogs out there to read!
I will be back, when my technologocal issues are solved or when I get chance to pinch MadDad’s work laptop.


9 thoughts on “Technolodgy Stops Play

  • The Dotterel

    Oh dear… still, at least the January sales are on. Have you tried Aldi? They have some high-spec/low-price netbooks, all Teutonic engineering and long-lasting. I should now: I'm writing this on one!

  • The Overflowing Family

    Oh no Mad!! No Laptop – disaster! Hope you manage to get something sorted ASAP!

  • Grumpy Old Ken

    An article I did for Motorhome Monthly on the show at Leyburn has just appeared. Its brought back memories. Lovely area, lovely people. Mind you, even derbys ok if you feel well! Hope this year treats you well.

  • bekimarie

    Oh no, hope you get something sorted soon.
    Not sure what i'd do without my computer and there was moaning about my daughter and her mobile phone lol.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  • Geriatric Mummy

    Oh no ! I'd feel like I was completely cut off from the outside world with no 'puter. Hope you get sorted soon x

  • Pippa

    I am so glad that my other half is a proper computer geek. He fixes all the issues over here… not that its much help to you. Sorry. 😉

  • Laura

    It seriously sucks when the technology won't work. Hope it gets fixed soon, will miss you.Laura x

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