Teen Bedroom Update 1

Teen Bedroom Update is a paid collaborative post with Bostik. Over the last six months, we have been working on updating Mini’s bedroom. You can see exactly what we did on our earlier post. However, he has been desperate to move his Xbox to his room over the winter from the conservatory as the rain means he needs to have the volume loud.

We didn’t want it in our living room as that is open plan with the dining room where I have my desk and his bedroom just didn’t have anywhere to accommodate an Xbox where he could comfortably play.

That is until we had a think and decided that we could place a small desk at the end of Mini’s bed, but that brought with it some of its own issues as it meant that Mini couldn’t watch his TV in bed anymore.

It was only when we were sat at dinner that I have an epiphany when I saw the lazy Susan we use for condiments. We could use one to place his TV on and spin it around.

This is where my #BluHack came in. There is no way I was just going to place a TV on top and hope that it didn’t fall over!

When I used Blutack to make our temporary cake stands they were really sturdy, so I decided to use it to secure the turntable to the desk and also the TV to the turntable.

Mini has been delighted with it. It means he can lie in bed and watch TV or sit at his desk and game.

In order to make it a little neater, I added cable tidies. I am really pleased with how it has turned out and how just a small change has made both our lives easier. I don’t have to hear him shouting at his mates and he doesn’t have to listen to the rain. And as an added bonus it means that we can use the conservatory a little more rather than it just being for the Xbox.

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