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optigril review

Did you know that I was vegetarian for 14 years?  I only started eating meal again when I was pregnant with Mini and I craved steak.  I guess due to the fact that I was anemic.  Even now I am more inclined to go with a vegetarian option rather than the meat one and as a family we eat a lot of vegetables and vegetarian food.

However, we do all like a nice steak.  Me and Mini are partial to a medium fillet, whilst the other two love a well done rump, sirloin or rib eye.  However we only eat this a couple of times a year as they are price prohibitive for a family of four.

But with school finishing for the holidays yesterday we decided to have a celebration and had steak, new potatoes and broccoli from the garden.


As I am a Tefal Innovator, I was sent the brand new Tefal Optigrill to test.  This is a revolutionary new grill that can detect how thick your meat is and tells you when it is cooked to rare, medium or well done.


We like:

  1. It does what is says it will – We had three different cuts of meat all cooked to different specifications and it was delicious.
  2. It takes the guesswork out of cooking – I love that it has an audible beep as well as a visual identification when your meat gets to a certain specification
  3. The cooking plates are removable and dishwasher safe.  _ no mess, no stress and no burning your fingers cleaning it.
  4. Large drip pan – We tried burgers on the Tefal Optigrill today and they were either fatty, but the drip tray more than coped and it fits snuggly to the machine
  5. It is versatile with settings for fish, sausages, burgers, bacon, chicken and a manual setting for vegetables.  My mushroom today was divine

We weren’t keen:

  1. At £130 is isn’t a cheep bit of kit, however, I have had three of the competitors grills in over two years.  So if this lasts then it will be much better value for money than its competitor
  2. It has a large footprint.  I know that this is something we will use regularly, so didn’t want to put it in a cupboard, but it takes up two thirds of the top of my microwave where it now lives!


The Optigrill has such a familiar look and feel to me.  My mum had a tefal grill with removable interchangeable hot plates for over 30 years.  She used it a lot and I am hoping that I get just as much use out of this as she did.  The grill plate is a great size and could easily cook six burgers on it and is perfect for a family of four.  I am looking forward to trying out tuna steaks on it and fish next week.

Don’t just take  my word for it, see what my fellow panelists think of the Optigrill

The Tefal Innovation Panelists

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