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The Tefal Steam Generator means I can iron with broken ribs

Whilst on Holiday in France I broke my ribs being a loon and I would like to say that I have been able to rest up and be waited on, but in reality this just isn’t  possible and life has to go on, including ironing unfortunately!

Tefal steam generator

There is no way I could have used a traditional iron and have been so thankful of my Tefal Steam Generator as the iron part is much lighter as the water for the steam is not stored in it, rather it is stored in a separate part.   The model I have is the Pro Express Total Auto Control – GV8930, which retails at around £299.

Now I appreciate that this is A LOT of money for what is an iron, but really it is more than that.  Since getting mine I have halved my ironing time.  I used to take around an hour on a Sunday to iron 5 mens shirts, the boys school shirts and tops and all the rest of the weeks ironing.  Now that is down to 30 minutes.  Plus is it easier and looks better too.

The Pro Express Total Auto Control means that I do not have to set the irons temperature, but I do have control of steam with its two preset steam levels.  It has 5 bar of steam pressure which means that the results are pretty impressive.

It also comes with the following:

  • Tefal’s unique anti-scale collector and Auto clean soleplate
  • Unlimited ironing time thanks to the permanent refill and 1.8L detachable water tank
  • Added safety with the auto-off feature
  • Environment friendly product with an “Eco” setting saving 20% of energy
  • The cord winds back in to the iron
  • The iron locks on to the base, even when hot

So thank you tefal for my steam generator, but I wish I could of got out of the ironing this time!

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Disclosure: I was provided with  a Pro Express Total Auto Control – GV8930 for the purpose of this review