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Tesco are getting on the Green Bandwagon…

Tesco has just launched a Greener Living website, which is aimed at  assisting the “environmentally aware shopper make the right decisions”
The Green in me thinks that Tesco should concentrate on trying to make the ordinary shopper more environmentally aware.  It should offer incentives for people to purchase green.  Many of the suggestions include a link to a purchase from Tesco or Tesco direct and it comes across as somewhat of a marketing ploy aimed at making shoppers feel greener for shopping at Tesco.
I try to balance being environmentally friendly with cost, especially in today’s climate, being frugal is a must.  It allows me to spend time at home with my children.  I have been known to shop at Tesco and I am not knocking them in particular, but supermarkets as a whole need to take a more hands on role in my humble opinion.
There are a few common sense, easy things we can do to be more green, which don’t cost the earth (if you pardon the pun).
  • Turn down your thermostat by 1 degree
  • Use draught excluders at your back and front door – we also have a curtain at our front door too
  • Fit a in line draft exclude to the door from your integral garage (if you have one)
  • Share baths or take a shower
  • Teach your children to turn off the lights
  • Switch to energy saving bulbs
  • Leave large packaging at the supermarket – not only does this mean you don’t have to recycle it, hopefully it will encourage the supermarket to think again on packaging
  • Buy second hand – thrifting is becoming hugely popular, charity shops are in vogue
  • Try and make a commitment to walk to school if possible or use public transport one day a week.  The MiniMads love going on the bus or train and see it as a real treat!
  • Don’t flush the loo every time or pop a brick in your cistern if it is an older toilet (this will reduce the amount of water it uses).  In TheMadHouse the boys cant reach the flush anyway!!
  • Get a water butt, now is the time to buy one, as they are often less expensive as they are out of season.  we got one at the beginning of the year and it has watered all our veggies (bar once) for the whole of the growing season.
  • Menu Plan again not only does this mean you only buy what you need, but you can also reduce waste and have a head start in the kitchen and I have found that the Mini’s love the routine this affords.
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle, please don’t take the attitude that if I don’t use my green bins, then I force the council into a weekly rather than fortnightly collection.
  • Use reusable shopping bags
  • Use throws and blankets, it is lovely to snuggle under them as the cooler nights come in.
  • Get back to using a hot-water bottle in bed.  I love this one from Etsy
Now we had to do a lot of these things last Autumn anyway, as TheMadHouse had major issues with its boiler and heating, so we purchased thermals to wear under our PJ’s, hot water bottles, lovely throws, draught excluders and all went to bed earlier and snuggled and read books to the children of a night.  Well the boys remember and out have come the hot water bottles, hot chocolate and bedtime stories in mummy daddy’s bed and it is great.
So take a look at the Tesco Website, they have a trolley dash game on the site with the possibility to win a new washing machine.  At least they are trying, even if it is just a money making scheme (after all that is what the shareholders want).    Also come back to me with any great green tips that you have too.
Oh and just so you know I may or may not get a copy of Sarah Beeny’s book “Green Your Home: The Complete Guide to Green Renovation and Repairs for blogging about this. 

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