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Tesco Greener Living Quiz and my Top Tips for saving Money

Did you realise that on average it costs £59 a year to run a tumble dryer?  I didn’t, but itf you take a look at the Tesco Greener Living Quiz you will find out little nuggets of information like this and more.
There is also a cool interactive house, which you can use to try and find ways of living a greener lifestyle whilst also saving money at the same time.  You can save approximately £400 a year just by turning your heating thermostat down by one degree.
So I thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of ecological things that we can use to lower our expenditure, whilst still trying to be greener.  
My Top Tips:
Wash at 30 degrees and spot clean clothes
Turn down the thermostat on your hot water by 1 degree, then you need less cold water and the hot water needs less heating
Use a draft excluder at your front door
Shut your curtains as it gets dark, they do help keep the cold out and the heat in.
Have a throw on the sofa, that way you can turn the heating off an hour early and snuggle under it with your partner or even the dog!
Please comment and leave your best money saving tips