"That wasnt a yawn my mouth just stalled"

The youngest MiniMad is going through a stage of not wanting to go to bed on his own or even be on his own and he is fearful of everything.

We have tried to rectify this as much as we can, by reassurance, by turning off the light, by turning on the light, by moving his bed, by ordering a big boy bed, by removing the stickers on his wall, by reading to him and short of actually remaining with him until he falls asleep, we can not get him off to sleep.

Tonight he has been in bed since 7pm and fighting sleep, whenever we leave the room he sobs and comes downstairs. I have stayed with him and he woke and came back down. MadDad sat with him when he returned home from work after a late appointment.

We keep telling him he is tired and he keeps just falling off and then waking with a jolt. He has just come down stairs again and done a great big yawn and informed us “that wasn’t a yawn mummy and daddy, my mouth just stalled”. What a way to get to get to stay up.