The Back To School Guide on Kids Blue Light Glasses

After the last five months of homeschooling, I have learned that things that you never would expect happen, can. So I have become more aware that my children will be leaning using computers and screens. So even though I have no idea what back to school might look like or if some home education will be coming again, I do know that my children’s eye health is so important and have learned about blue light exposure and to consider investing in kids’ blue light glasses.

blue light glasses

What is Blue Light and Why does it matter? 

Blue light is exactly what it says on the tin, blue light which is emitted by the sun, but also from LED screens such as computers, tablets and mobile phones. Blue light waves make up approximately one-third of all visible light and during the day is OK as it keeps us awake, however, excessive intake of blue light rays could lead to a number of negative health effects, including insomnia, myopia, and digital eye strain. 

Due to learning being performed more and more on screens, it’s more important than ever to consider investing in kids' blue light glasses.

zFORT™ Blue Blocking Technology 

zFORT™ technology offered by online designer eyewear retailer SmartBuyGlasses can be added to any of your kids’ eyeglasses. This blue light coating for your kid’s lenses protects against harmful blue light rays emitted from their screens. While online learning might be what your child’s new school year looks like, there’s no reason that it has to put your kids sleep pattern or eye health at risk. For a limited time only, you can get 30% OFF blue light block when you enter the code “ZFORT30OFF” at checkout. Hurry, this offer ends on the 16/9/2020.

How to Add zFortLenses to Your Frames

You can add zFORT coating to any lenses at check out when you shop with SmartBuyGlasses. Follow these simple steps to get started: 

  1. Select any glasses frames that you think your child will love
  2. Optional: Select the “Virtual Try On” feature on the left to filter for glasses that your child can try-on virtually. 
  3. Go through the check out process, adding your child’s prescription if necessary, until  you are prompted to add a zFORT coating to your lenses. 

SmartBuy Kids Jukesc K6B

Your little princesses will love these SmartBuy Kids pink glasses! Made from high quality acetate, these specs are hypoallergenic and lightweight. Plus, from August 17th 2020 when you get a pair of SmartBuy Kids glasses, you get the second pair 50% off!*
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SmartBuy Kids Changee MK3-47D

For your trendsetter- get them their very own pair of pilot specs! With gold metal frames, these make for a sleek and sophisticated pair of kids glasses.

Ray-Ban Junior RY1530 3529

If your little one is resisting wearing glasses, treat them with Ray-Ban! Fashion-forward with a loyal following, your child is bound to want to wear the specs when they see these. Chic black rectangle frames made from a high-quality acetate.

Chloe CE 3104 Kids 780

So cute you might want a pair too! Match with your little one’s specs with a pair of octagonal gold metal glasses from Chloe.

Due to learning being performed more and more on screens, it’s more important than ever to consider investing in kids' blue light glasses.