The Benefits of an Adjustable Desk for Crafters

We received a Flexispot Standing Desk E8 in exchange for this post – The Benefits of an Adjustable Desk for Crafters. I was first introduced to adjustable desks in my life before children when I worked in Facilities for a large software company. We fitted out the whole R&D team in the UK with them and they were amazing, but the price made them an unsuitable option for the home.  Thankfully that was over 17 years ago and now they are an affordable option for the home. I would actually say that they are a brilliant investment and not a fad or trend not only in the workplace but also if you work from home or are a crafter, sewer or quilter. 

The benefits of an adjustable desk for crafters are not only better health & possibly a longer life but also an efficient use of your workspace.

When Flexispot offered me a Standing Desk E8 in exchange for a post, I knew exactly the person that would benefit the most from it was my friend Trudi, who is an amazing long arm quilter.  Trudi also has a back condition and I have seen her using an ironing board for her laptop to get the height right! 

Trudi opted for the white base with the largest sized top 140 by 70 cm, but the beauty of the E8 is that you can just opt to buy the base and add your own top.

Flexispot have a great range of height adjustable desks and desk converters. In all manner of colours and worksurfaces to choose from. Plus you can bag a bargain during their Black Friday Sale. Bringing you up to 50% sitewide discounts on their official website this coming November 26 – 29. 

Health Benefits of an Adjustable Sit Stand Desk

Standing desks are shown to lower back pain – a study published by the CDC found that the use of height-adjustable desks has health benefits and reduced upper back and neck pain by 54% after just 4 weeks. They really do improve your posture and reduce fatigue.

Standing helps you Live longer – Research shows that standing and moving about helps you increase your life expectancy

Standing desks appear to have a positive influence on overall well-being – The same study showed an increase in mood states which also correlated with studies showing that a less sedentary lifestyle improves moods. 

Studies have also shown that they may also help with weight loss by lowering blood sugar levels giving you better concentration and energy levels. People with sedentary behavior who spend most of their days sitting have a higher risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, weight gain, obesity, type II diabetes and premature death.

Why Sewists and Crafters need a Sit Stand Desk

Adjustable workstations are not just for office workers, a standing desk benefits anyone who spends a large amount of time sitting.  As a sewer and Quilter who spends long periods of time sewing and crafting, I have realised that I need a different height desk for sewing, cutting fabric and also working on a computer.  Rather than just adjusting a chair, you really need to stand up to cut fabric efficiently and with an adjustable desk. A standing workstation allows you can raise the height to make it perfect for cutting fabric.

Sitting with laptop at an adjustable desk

The E8 has the ability to be at any height from 71 to 121cm with 1mm increments  (Choose a desk that adjusts as low as your sitting elbow height and as high as your standing elbow height) with 4 memory presets.  I and is super quiet (under 50 dB).  It has a super smooth action and is super quiet (under 50 dB). It also has a collision-free feature that detects and prevents collisions before they happen. Meaning, when the desk’s sensors get within one inch of the obstruction, the desk automatically stops in mid-motion, preventing any contact from happening. Another key feature is the child lock. 

The sit-sand desk came in three boxes and was heavy, but Trudi managed to build it herself in under an hour although the hardest part was turning the desk over after you have attached the legs and she recommends adding the top with the legs upright so you skip this step. The parts all come in partitioned bags and are clearly marked.

The fact is that a chair can only make your workspace a little adaptable, but a sit-stand desk really transforms your workspace or studio.  It really makes the space work for you.

standing with a laptop at an adjustable desk

As you can see you can find the perfect height to both sit and stand and use your computer or keyboard at the correct height for you.  A height-adjustable desk allows you to keep your arms at a 90-degree angle and your wrists level, reducing arm pain and putting less strain on your wrists and keeping your monitor at eye level when spending long hours at your screen.

Cutting fabric at an adjustable desk

You can also adjust it to be the perfect height for cutting fabric – this is what I find hardest on my back, to be honest, and you can also set it up to 4 heights in the memory.

Sitting sewing at an adjustable desk

Whilst you can change the desk height to suit the best position for sewing which isn’t the same as using a laptop or PC.

Or you can sew standing up if you prefer perfect for reducing back strain.  The best thing is the lowering and raising of the desk is so smooth.  Not even a full cup of tea or that box of threads wobbled.  Trudi’s old desk had bowed in the middle due to the weight of the sewing machine, but there is no chance of this with the strong chipboard coated work surface.

The benefits of an adjustable desk for crafters are not only better health & possibly a longer life but also an efficient use of your workspace.

I love that we can increase our well-being by reducing long periods of sitting at our desks and that an adjustable workstation can make such an impact.  Good ergonomics make such a difference.  We need to transition from a normal desk to an adjustable desk by reducing our sitting time over a number of weeks.  

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