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The benefit of audiobooks is a collaborative post with BookBeat.  We are big fans of audiobooks here in The Mad House. We use them a lot and I want to share with you that they are not cheating nor do they prohibit reading.  In fact, in our case, they have actually helped fuel the love of books.

The benefits of Audiobooks. We are big fans of audiobooks here in The Mad House. We use them a lot and I want to share with you that they are not cheating nor do they prohibit reading. 

I am an avid reader and always have been. When I was younger I could always be found with my head in a book and this is a love that I have always wanted to pass on to the children.  However, as much as we have already read to the boys and encouraged them both to read ()Mini could read at 3 years old) Maxi became a reluctant reader.  Mini, on the other hand, has a real love for books, but both of them love audio books.

The Benefits of Audiobooks for Kids

  1. Audiobooks help with listening and concentration skills.  We started with short stories and then build up to chapter books.  They really did improve Mini’s focus.
  2. Audiobooks are a great way of introducing new vocabulary into your child’s life.   Your child will benefit from the introduction to new and varied vocabulary without the frustration of not yet being able to read it himself.
  3. The storyteller can really bring the story to life with their voice inflexions, humour, and varied cadence.  Every narrator brings something a little bit different to the telling of a story providing an example to kids of how to read aloud with flair and confidence.
  4. You can enjoy a book with others.  Audiobooks can make reading a social experience.  I love that it makes them a shared adventure.  Audiobooks are great for long car journeys.
  5. Being read to is really soothing.  There is a reason that we read to our kids at bedtime.  Audiobooks can extend that reading period.  Mini goes to sleep every night with an Audio Book, sometimes he follows along in a print book, sometimes he just listens.
  6. Audiobooks can make journeys pass quicker.  Maxi is travel sick so cannot read in the car, but he can listen to an audiobook.
  7. Audiobooks help make stories accessible to kids of all different reading levels. New and emergent readers, fluent readers, reluctant readers and struggling readers can enjoy the stories.  They level the playing field.
  8. Audiobooks are a great way to introduce new genres – this is what happened with Maxi and really helped get him into reading.

Why use BookBeat?

We have had a subscription to BookBeat for 3 months now and as a family we LOVE it.  Rather than buying a book, Bookbeat is an audiobook library where you can listen to as many books as you want as long as you are subscribed.  This is brilliant when you listen to more than one audiobook a month.  Mini has really loved not being restricted to the audiobooks we have bought and he has been ploughing through the children’s section and his recommendations for 9 to 12 year olds are Birthday Boy by David Baddiel and the Gold Theif by Justin Fletcher.

I love that you can download your book and listen to it offline, or listen to it on lots of different devices.  The boys travelled to Reading recently and listened to an audiobook on the journey.

I love to listen to books whilst I sew and craft and enjoy a variety of genres.  I have really enjoyed listening to The Game of Thrones Series (I find the TV series too gory for me).  I can listen on my iPad when I am in in the kitchen and then if I have to go in the car I can listen on my phone and it automatically knows where I was up to.

Safe to say that we have all loved Bookbeat.  It is ace to get unlimited audiobooks for a fixed monthly fee and also there is no tie-in so you can cancel at any time. This is the perfect service for a family like us that use listen to a lot of audiobooks.

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One month’s free trial of BookBeat instead of the standard two weeks when you sign up following my links and at £12.90 per month it is fantastic value.

My family consists of one 40 odd year old avid reader who loves everything to do with the written word, a 50 year old who doesn’t read for pleasure, a 12 year old who is the same and an 11 year old who is always reading or listening to a book and this is what we think of BookBeat.  Wondering if it is for your family?  Well take a look at what some other bloggers think:

The benefits of Audiobooks. We are big fans of audiobooks here in The Mad House. We use them a lot and I want to share with you that they are not cheating nor do they prohibit reading. 

6 thoughts on “The Benefits of Audiobooks

  • Susan Mann

    I am thinking of getting T this for his Christmas. He loves reading but prefers when I read aloud to him or he reads to me. This isn’t always doable with the longer chapter books, etc. So thinking this is the next best option. Sounds good. Thanks for sharing x

  • Donna

    I have a new love of books since discovering audio books. I just didn’t have the time to read before but now I listen to books at the gym, whilst cooking, in the car… x

  • Carolin

    Audiobooks and I just don’t get along. I loved them when I was a child but as soon as I was able to read myself, I’ve never looked back. For some reason, I never really like the voice of the narrators. I don’t know why but maybe it’s because I’ve only ever attempted to listen to audiobooks of books I’ve actually read. In my imagination, the characters never sound like the person who actually reads the books and it really puts me off. Maybe I should just attempt listening to something I don’t know yet 😀 Amy, however, really likes them when she’s relaxing on the sofa or in her room x

  • Becky | Spirited Puddle Jumper

    I love audiobooks, for both myself and the children. They’re definitely really calming, as our older two will sit on beanbags in their room near the CD player and just listen, in silence (hurrah!) for ages- big thumbs up here, and will be added to the Christmas list.

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