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The best rides for 7 and 8 year olds at Thorpe Park

When you think of Thorpe Park you often think that it is the place for older children, but I want to assure you that my boys who are seven and eight had a blast at Thorpe Park and are desperate to go back.  So here are our top rides for seven and eight year olds at Thorpe Park.  Mini, who is seven is just over 125 and Maxi who is eight is 135cm.  Both are looking forward to the day when they are over 140cm and can ride everything in the park!



Rush is like a massive swing.  Be prepared to leave your stomach behind you.  This is Maxi’s favorite ride and as he was under 140cm he had to ride it with MadDad.



Quantum was Mini’s favorite ride and is right next to rush.  It is a magic carpet ride that speeds you up and over!  Mini loved the fact that he didn’t need an adult to come on this ride with him.

storm surge

Thorpe Park excels at water rides and Storm Surge is like a helter skelter with water and inflatables.  What is not to like?

loggers leap


Loggers Leap is a log flume ride which thrills young and old.  The boys went on this ride three times!

rumba rapids


The Rumba Rapids was a firm favorite of the boys too.  They didn’t need to go on with either of us, but decided that it would be fun to get Daddy wet again!

tidal wave


Yet another water ride.  This time Tidal Wave.  You do not have to ride to get wet, this ride makes an EPIC splash too.

flying fish


The Flying Fish was one ride that the boys rode again and again together.  Both at the front and the back.  In fact sometimes they didn’t even get off!

The boys were also able to go on X, Zodiac, Banana Ride, Rocky Express, Storm in a teacup, The Detonator and  Wet, wet, wet.  We had an amazing couple of days at Thorpe Park and stayed in the Crash Pad, which is kind of like being in a caravan, compact, but has everything you need.

Top tips for getting the best value:

  1. Book your tickets at least two days in advance at home
  2. Print them off
  3. Second day from £6.00
  4. Consider staying onsite if you live any distance away.

My friend Cass at Frugal Family has a super competition at the moment to win tickets to Thorpe Park, so get yourself over there and enter.

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