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The best things in life are free

or why I love handmade mothers day cards.mothersday

There is nothing better than collecting the boys from school and them being really animated   “I have something in my bag for you Mum”, “So do I”.  As we get near home the boys get even more excited about it “I can not show you, it has to be a surprise” and the two of them whisper conspiratorially to themselves.

I am smiling big beaming smiles, as I know that Mothers Day is nearly upon us and this means they have both been busy creating their own special card for me.

Come Sunday morning and the boys loudly come running in to the bedroom with a cup of tea for me and their cards and jump on the bed and tell me all about their cards.  Maxi explains he drew round his left hand, but turned it over once he cut it out, so it looks like his left hand and how I have beautiful brown eyes and love heart lips for kissing.  Mini excitedly tells me he did all the cutting out himself and used a punch to make the tree.  He used zigzag scissors to cut out his label.

What more could a mother ask for on Mothers Day?

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