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The changing of Seasons and my aching heart

This year seems to be flying by and although not technically it isn’t yet,  it really does feel like Autumn.  I love the fact that we have such distinct seasons in the UK and one of the joys of Autumn is the sunsets, which I managed to catputre on Saturday night.

MadDad and the boys have been out collecting blackberries and next it will be conker time.  The leaves will start to change colour. The days are already growing shorter and the nights drawing in and my mood is darkening too.  My heart is heavy and I am missing my mum.  I am missing making pastry together and apple pies and crumbles.  I am missing her company now the boys are back at school.


So, rather than wallow, I am making some plans and I am going to call them my Autumn Manifesto:

    • Use my Philips goLITE daily for up to 45 minutes
    • Take the boys to the park after school and try and get some fresh air every day
    • Make a list of three things I am grateful for at the end of each day
    • Make some comfort food (stews, dumplings, crumbles and soups)
    • Start running ot at least walking daily
    • Take out my winter jumpers
    • Make an autimn nature table with the boys
    • Light candles at dusk
    • Make a room spray of water and lavender to counteract the dryness when the central heating goes on
    • put the summer hats away and get out the gloves, scarf and winter hats
    • Make the most of any dry weekends with visits to Beamish, museums, woodland walks and bracing beech walks with the family
    • Start planning the planting for the raised beds in Spring
    • Make a start on the home made Christmas gifts for people
    • Have fun at the Club’s Firework party

What are you plans for this Autumn?


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