The changing of Seasons and my aching heart 32

This year seems to be flying by and although not technically it isn’t yet,  it really does feel like Autumn.  I love the fact that we have such distinct seasons in the UK and one of the joys of Autumn is the sunsets, which I managed to catputre on Saturday night.

MadDad and the boys have been out collecting blackberries and next it will be conker time.  The leaves will start to change colour. The days are already growing shorter and the nights drawing in and my mood is darkening too.  My heart is heavy and I am missing my mum.  I am missing making pastry together and apple pies and crumbles.  I am missing her company now the boys are back at school.


So, rather than wallow, I am making some plans and I am going to call them my Autumn Manifesto:

    • Use my Philips goLITE daily for up to 45 minutes
    • Take the boys to the park after school and try and get some fresh air every day
    • Make a list of three things I am grateful for at the end of each day
    • Make some comfort food (stews, dumplings, crumbles and soups)
    • Start running ot at least walking daily
    • Take out my winter jumpers
    • Make an autimn nature table with the boys
    • Light candles at dusk
    • Make a room spray of water and lavender to counteract the dryness when the central heating goes on
    • put the summer hats away and get out the gloves, scarf and winter hats
    • Make the most of any dry weekends with visits to Beamish, museums, woodland walks and bracing beech walks with the family
    • Start planning the planting for the raised beds in Spring
    • Make a start on the home made Christmas gifts for people
    • Have fun at the Club’s Firework party

What are you plans for this Autumn?


32 thoughts on “The changing of Seasons and my aching heart

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    I know just what you mean. I miss my dad still after 10 years and wish every day that he could have seen the next milestone in Amy’s life. I’m glad you’ve made this list because it will take your mind off being sad. I’m sure your mum will be smiling when she watches you in the park with the boys, and will impress some new ideas on you as you start to make those homemade Christmas presents.

    Take care, CJ xx

    • Mum in the Madhouse

      Crystal Jigsaw » I do not want to be sad, I want to have the best of intentions and make the most of everyday

  • Chris at Thinly Spread

    Sounds like a plan to me. I love Autumn and even though I rue the passing of summer the season of mellow fruitfulness with all its bounty cheers me. Beyond it I can just get a glimpse of the sparkle of Christmas to keep me going through the dark days of November. I’m sorry your heart is aching but I think you are right to fill the days with pleasure and plenty. So much love to you from me. xxx

    • Mum in the Madhouse

      Chris at Thinly Spread » I love each season and after spring can not pick a fav, I just love them all for such different reasons.

  • Kate

    Time does make loss easier to bear. I like your Autumn plan, good to hae a focus and you will make good memories too. Feeling for you. Am also actively going to steal some of your ideas.

  • Rebecca

    Lovely photos… we had a beautiful sunset this week too. It’s amazing how the weather has changed so quickly!

    I do love autumn for the woodland walks and all of the colours of nature… I must try to get out and appreciate it more, but feel bad tying T&J in a pushchair because they’re just too much of a handful on my own… note to self: grow some balls!

    Great list too… I’m writing a similar one myself to help keep me motivated to do things.

    Good luck with yours 🙂 x

    • Mum in the Madhouse

      Rebecca » You need some reins and to stop worrying about what people will think. I can not wait to see your list

  • Emma

    It’s great that you have so many fabulous plans! Maybe this is what I need to do so that I have something to look forward too 🙂 xx

  • cathy at nurturestore

    I love approaching a new season with intention. My plans are similar to yours: new menus, planning for the garden, candles at dinner. I’m also crocheting scarves and a cosy throw. I like your idea for a lavender room spray – I think I’ll borrow that idea but use mandarin, which is one of our favourites.

    • Mum in the Madhouse

      cathy at nurturestore » I still haven’t learned how to hook, I just can not get the hang of it. The reason I use Lavender is it is restful for the boys going to bed, I love Mandarin and Neroli too

  • Midlife singlemum

    Beautiful sunset, and you’ve captured it really well. Autumn is traditonally a time to get productive (as is spring) and I wish you luck with all your plans. May they be fun and fulfilling for you and the family.

    • Mum in the Madhouse

      Midlife singlemum » It is, I have this need to clean and get the house all sorted for Christmas

  • Suzanne

    What a lovely list – I am inspired.
    Number one on my list of things to do is tidy my work room – I feel that I just can’t get myself sorted until I have crossed that one off!
    Then hopefully I’ll be able to focus on the months ahead and plan.

    • Mum in the Madhouse

      Suzanne » I did the spare room last week. It really did make me feel better, although I do need to keep on top of it

  • Kirsty

    I like your list. I’m feeling inspired to do things at the moment, I think with D having started nursery it feels like a new start for us all. (Although I may stop running rather than start once I’ve finished the Great North Run next week!) I’m going to be launching my new Phoenix business, jumping back in to FLYlady and clearing out some clutter.

    • Mum in the Madhouse

      I am doing FLy lady too. It really helps me. Good luck with the run next week, I will keep an eye out for you on TCV Kirsty »

  • Liz

    ((HUGS)) I can hear how much you miss your Mum. I think your Autumn plan is a good one. So far mine is to clear my garden back, play conkers and make lots of apple pies x

  • kelloggsville

    oh yes, they are my kind of photos (as you know) beautiful.

    Autumn is a funny time of year, it gives tendancy to look back, to mellow and to miss family. It is so beautiful and yet strangely hs a poinancy with it.

    careful with all your plans, too many might be hard to manage. They all sound like great ideas to me and would all be on my list. I made a crumble last night and went out for a late walk today, I’m going to look into the light box too. I’ve been threantening to buy one for years.

    • Mum in the Madhouse

      kelloggsville » I love my light, it really helps me. My list is flexible, I am not one of those people that have to tick everything off on their llists

  • Alexander Residence

    I really relate to this, the changing seasons caught me this year too. I love Autumn, more than Summer, for many of the lovely things in your list, but like you this year, any change is harder to cope with. I am sure that list will keep you busy and snug x

  • swanbythelakeside

    Your CommentsThanks for your list Mad, I was getting a bit bogged down with school/AS stuff and now I remember!
    Made some nice soup last night as a start, and have resolved to go for a run this afternoon with ds1.
    One of my autumn resolutions is to listen to more classical backlist. So doing that now whilst tidy my room.

  • Susan Mann

    What a gorgeous picture and great plans. Mine are to try to come up with a way of getting double glazing to conserve heat, spend as much time as I can with my boys and get out the house together as much as possible. x

  • If I Could Escape

    Autumn is my favourite time of year and I’m so glad I got to be there last year for part of it. Wishing I was back there, but what do ya do. Gorgeous photos and love your manifesto. Hugs to you. Miss ya my friend! x

  • Jennifer

    I’m so sorry that you are missing your Mom. I dread the day that I feel the same way. Lovely sunset photos – your corner of the world is lovely!

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