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The Fantastic Mr Fox

I took MaxiMad and my niece to see The Fantastic Mr Fox and we all really enjoyed it.  I was worried that it might be a bit gruesome for them, but was totally wrong on that count.  They both took the killing of the chickens in their stride and positively loved the fact that Mr Fox got his tail shot off!!  Now I expected that from the grandson of a farmer, which is what MaxiMad is, but not of my lovely neice.
What can I say about the film, it has fantastic animation, which is kind of like a cartoon background with the characters as puppets.  Jarvis Cocker does the soundtrack and had me and the little ones jigging along, in fact MaxiMad and Niece danced out of the cinema.
Now I agree it might not be suitable for every child, especially those of a somewhat sensitive nature (which is partly why I didn’t take minimad with us), but we loved it and it has inspired me to start reading Dahl to the mini’s, once we have finished our Beatrix Potter books.
It doesn’t follow the book, but then what American movies do and the other thing was all the baddies were voiced in English, whilst the goodies were American.
But it is definitely worth a visit.

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