The Gallery – Men

This week’s prompt over at The Gallery is Men. Pictures of the men in your life – dads, sons, uncles, teachers, partners, brothers.   Let’s hear it for the men!
So I give you the men in my house:

My wonderful constant companion thought life, he can be many things to many people, including a maker, an educator, a boss, a colleague, a lover, a husband, a dad, a provider….
He has and is there for me and the boys when we are unwell, always putting us first no matter what.  He is a wonderful daddy and they couldn’t have asked for more.
He is fun, amazing and just wonderful, as I have said he is practically perfect in every way!
He is the reason I have the two little men in my life, who fill each day with joy, terror, noise and love (not in equal measure)!
Maxi writing a shopping list

Mini making a smoothie

The boys are constant companions for each other and love doing things together, which really makes my heart sing.
And last but not least the other “man” in my house, because this is a house where I am the only female, let me introduce you to Mr Smudge, our somewhat geriatric, but totally adored cat.
So thanks guys, for being here, for taking this ride with me.