The gifts that everyone working from home really want!

I have been working from home now for the last 8 or so years and I am going to share my wisdom with you and share the gifts that everyone working from home really want!.  Perfect for if you are looking for any gifts this Christmas or stuck for buying birthday gifts. So yes these are my six work from home essentials.

The gifts that everyone working from home really want!

Do you work from home?  If you do then you might find this parts of this video from Furniture at Work™ familiar.  Guess what I have had a conference call (actually 2 of them today) in my PJ’s!

Now I am sure there are lots of sensible gift guides out there for people that work at home, but this is what I would really want!

The gifts that everyone working from home really want!

The gifts that everyone working from home really want!

Massive Cardigan

For me working from home is all about the loungewear and this cardigan from The People Shop or as I like to call it cardigown is the pinnacle for me! Oversized, snuggly and warm, it is perfect for covering grungy PJ’s and the ultimate work from home wear.  I know that I have had a great day working from home when I am still in my “lounge wear” when the boys get home from school!


Warm Slippers

I never wore slippers until I started working from home.  Mow I live in them.  Morning until night, only popping on shoes when I leave the house.  I am a big fan of sheepskin slippers and am currently lusting after a pair of these Celtic sheepskin boots (blue iris size 5 if anyone is interested), so I can leave them on for walking the dog.  In fact, the only time I need remove them is when I am sleeping!  Yes they are even machine washable.

Netflix Subscription

I have to say I am a big box set fan.  This has developed over the years of working from home.  There is nothing better than cracking on with my work with the ipad and a box set.  So an annual subscription to Netflix is high on my wishlist as is Amazon Prime Video!

Toasties by Post

I am not going to lie I often have the same lunch every day (when I actually remember to eat) tomato soup and either a cheese sandwich or a cheese toastie and the way to my heart would be by buying me a subscription to Cheese Posties.  A genius service that actually sends you toasties by post – yep it is #CheeseonPost!

Tea/Coffee Subscription

As a tea monster, the way to my heart is through supplying me with all the tea and good quality tea too.  So a subscription to Teapigs and a Sage tea maker is an essential in my book.   Perhaps coffee is your bag.  If so I am reliably informed that Pact Coffee and Sage Coffee Maker would be the perfect buy!

Fibre WiFi

This is my number one want – BT are you listening?  I WANT FIBRE, nay I need fibre.  We are in a no fibre zone and really this is what I want the most as a person that works from home.

The gifts that everyone working from home really want!