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The joy of receiving and a great big thank you

Me and the MiniMads have been blessed this last couple of weeks by the kindness and creativity of bloggers.
Firtly we were lucky enough to win a copy of a children’s book that Cystal Jigsaw wrote herself. The mini’s and I are treasuring reading a little of this each evening and are trying to make it last. Did I tell you she wrote it herself!

The wonderful Sandy of Baby Baby, who I often think is me in disguise sent me some chocolate sustenance and some buttons for the boys (who open the package and ran off with them before I could take a piccie) and some fabric she has been meaning to do something with. Thank you Sandy the fabric is wonderful and I have my thinking cap on for what to make with it.

I was also blessed to win a giveaway over at Sew Mental Mamma, a very talented lady who makes the most wonderful clothes for her children, please pop over and say hello.

I was blown away with her generousness, not only did I receive a zakka sewing books, to patterns, some Alice in wonderland fabric, a stunning pin cushion, ribbon and a large button, but she popped in some green bath foam for the minimads and it is wonderful as it contains no nasties or SLS so they can use it! Oh and I almost forgot there was also some Gin and Tonic Chocolate in the parcel too. Thank you ever so much.

Isn’t the blog world just wonderful. I have had a hard month and I have to say that I have been in awe of the wonderful things we have received.

Also a very special lady Ang over at Tracing Rainbows wrote the boys the most amazing letter all about the Easter Story and we have been reading it after dinner each evening and the now can recite it pretty much off by heart. It was such a wonderful thing to receive, such a joy and so perfectly tailored for my little men. It has bright images and well it is just wonderful.

She also send an Easter present for each of the boys and for me and MadDad too.

I was also given an unexpected Easter Present from the very clever Liz at Violet Posy.  Look up, see that new header, well Liz made that and I had no idea.  She is a super and very talented lady.