Isn’t Blogging Great? 3

I am very proud to say after lots of hard work and a few late nights (not mine mind you) the the second MAD Blog Awards are open and taking nominations.  You may remember last year I was a finalist in the Best MAD Family Fun Blog, I didn’t win, no that honor went to Pippa at A Mothers Ramblings, but in some ways I got something much better, I became a partner in the company that runs the awards, along with the Tots100 with Sally Whittle from Who’s the Mummy.

I could tell you about all the fab prizes we have and the exciting things that will be going on, but we have a swanky web site to tell you more about The MAD Blog Awards 2011, you can also find us on twitter @MadBlogAwards (using the hashtag #MadBlogAwards)d we are on face book too were we currently have a prize in excess of £350 to give away to one lucky liker.  I would also say be sure to follow the MAD Blog Awards Blog.

So what am I going to tell you about?  Well I am going to let you know just what blogging has done for me and why I am so keen to celebrate excellence and diversity in blogging.

Blogging opened up a whole new world for me, a world were competitive parenting didn’t exist, where people told the truth warts and all about how hard it is to be a mother, it gave me a place to record my day to day life during a period when I truly thought that I wouldn’t see out another year of it.  It gave me a voice, a place to share my feelings, thoughts, worries and also moments of joy.  It has brought me dear friends, like Sally, Pippa, Vic, Emma and Karen.  Blogging has brought my family some wonderful experiences and quality time together.  Blogging and opened my eyes to whole new types of parenting and made me a  ore accepting person.  Blogging has been there for me through the hard times and also the times of wonder and joy too.  I blog to leave a record of my time for my children, a legacy of words for them to find and devour one day should they want to.  But most of all I blog for ME.

So lets all make some noise about what is great about blogging and celebrate the excellent blogs that are out there at the moment.

3 thoughts on “Isn’t Blogging Great?

  • Susan Mann

    What a great post and like you I have met so many lovely and dear friends. You being one, who will always be close to my heart. I love to blog and blog for me.

    You have all done an amazing jobs with the MADS awards. I hope I am nominated for something but not holding my breath. Well done guys xxx

  • Alexander Residence

    Here here! Totally agree with what you said about escaping competitive parenting and finding the truth in blogging. And about making friends and finding people who have been through both similar and very different experiences. Sorry we had a similar sad experience this year, but glad to have met you.
    Off to investigate the MADS!

  • Karen Jones

    Well said lovely lady and I will agree with you on the friends (well I would wouldn’t I ) !

    Ohh and thanks you have just given me a big leg up on technorati for this mention ! hahaha! only joking ! No, seriously I am…… I am …… xxx

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