The mess makes me itch 11

We are in the middle of a room reorgaisation here in The Mad House.  We agreed that Mini would move rooms to the craft room/study as it is larger than his room.  MadDad felt that this necessitated painting Mini’s current room before doing the actually moving.  Well he couldnt have picked a worse weekend for it.

As soon as we started moving things out of the room to make room to paint it Mini started to run a temperature and not a slight one, but a 40 degree delirious one, which meant that we had him in a tepid bath and stuck to me throughout the say, then to top it all off I started with sickness and diarrhea.  However, we had got to the point of no return, so MadDad soldiered on.

by 7pm last night, we had Mini’s bed in his new room and not much else done and we had to admit defeat and just pile everything up so that Maxi could get to bed and remove everything off our bed so that we could go to bed.

Not ideal, but life goes on and I am coping, but all the mess is making my skin itch!

11 thoughts on “The mess makes me itch

  • Ellen Arnison

    You have my sympathy. There are days the state of my house makes me want to lob things into a skip with great violence.

  • Kate

    Ah Hun I know that feeling. I have been trying to sell lots of bits and bobs since it has been just Youngling and I, but this means that my spare room and study are now junk yards for storage! I can’t stand it. I don’t have OCD but I do like things to be neat (and possibly at right angles if pos lol). Hope little one is better now? It’s so tough when they are so poorly. Thinking of you *hugs* xx

  • Julie

    Oh, Jen, I feel for you. My skin would be crawling too – I really hate it when everything is out of place – no matter how much I try and tell myself it doesn’t matter. I do hope you and mini are getting properly better. juliex

  • notsupermum

    Hope he feels better soon. I’m in the middle of house/room renovating, and the only thing that keeps me going is that it’s gets worse before it gets better.

  • Shell Louise

    I can totally sympathise. I decorated my son’s room with help from hubby a couple of weeks ago. The mess everywhere drove me mad but I wasn’t too bothered because I knew it wasn’t going to last long. It only took 2 days to paint and paper the room (his room is tiny).
    After doing Aiden’s room, I started on the girls room and just as I’d emptied it and upstairs looked like a bomb had hit, hubby had to fly off to Spain for 10 days because his step father had taken ill on holiday and his mum needed him. Instead of taking a weekend to get the girl’s room done, it took over a week on my own and half way through I came down with flu.
    I have never been so pleased to get a room finished and everything put away again.

    I hope you both get better very soon and everything gets back to normal so you can stop itching!

  • HonestMum

    This has scared me as need to get the little man’s bed moved into a new room and thus move out millions of boxes from said new room. A couple more months wait won’t hurt right?

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