The Sleep Issue – Does it ever stop? 12

I feel like crying, not that is not quite right, crying would be an improvement right now, as I am so tightly wound up I could burst.  I am filled with frustration, anger, disappointment and sheer exhaustion.

Mini used to be terrible at going to bed and then this time last year we put our foot down and cracked the sleep issue and our evenings were transformed.  We have had a whole year of blissful bedtimes.

This week we have taken a massive step backward.  Again we have had tantrums and tears and Mini has refused to go to bed.  He has taken to throwing his books and also banging on his door.  I have no idea why we have taken this large step backward, but I can tell you it is stressing us all out.  Mini NEEDS his sleep.  He handles his emotions better when he has had a good nights sleep.  I NEED some grown up time with MadDad, we need to catch up and reconnect with each other and Maxi needs to stay asleep (He is a head on the pillow and out like a light sort of boy).

mini sleep

Nothing has changed apart from the Christmas period.  We have no idea why he doesn’t want to go to bed.  He is shattered by it, we are shattered by it and last night it was 9.45 before he went to sleep.  Safe to say this morning wasn’t pretty, he was tired, didn’t want to get up and go to school.

So I have taken a look at what worked for us last year and am implementing an action  plan.

We are going to back to a reward chart again and link it to Skylander Characters, as he is currently obsessed with this.  Also I am going to get a new Relax Kids CD.   With regards to books I think that we are going to move his bedtime story to the chair in his room (he has a cabin bed, so in bed isn’t great for the adult).

I would love some ideas and help in how we can crack this.  Mini is six (seven in June).