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I am delighted to be working with the nation’s leading breakfast cereal Weetabix to help publicise their Summer of Sport campaign #SportingStarts.  If you know me and the rest of my family then you will know that we LOVE sports.  Way back when, I really loved playing Hockey and MadDad played a lot of sports and both of the MiniMads are sports mad and very competitive.  In fact, as I sit here writing this I have just returned from an evening watching the boys play cricket.

The Summer of Sport - Encouraging you to get involved football square

Weetabix are looking to encourage us all to get up off the sofa and have a try of a new sport.  For every pack of Weetabix purchased you have the chance to received 2-4-1 sports session plus opportunities to win a money can’t buy prize. Which might even be a sporting experience with Gold medal-winning heptathlete Denise Lewis!

The Summer of Sport - Encouraging you to get involved

We asked Denise how she got into the Heptathlon and why.

“I watched the Olympics in 1980 and just loved it.

 “I didn’t know something like that existed, I was riveted, I watched all of it during the summer holidays, and I just wanted to be an athlete!

 “I knew wanted to learn how to be an athlete; I didn’t know what it entailed but I joined up with my local club, so I was pretty active by the time I joined secondary school.

“I loved it, apart from the 800m. I found that I could put together two days relatively well and I didn’t look back.

“Then it was adjusting the training so I could accommodate all the events, that was quite challenging.”

 “Once I embarked on heptathlon I didn’t want to change, there’s just something special about it.

“Training’s tough, but it’s interesting because it’s ever changing.”

“You feel much more immersed in the sport because you are covering so many different events.

Denise lewis

Weetabix want to encourage you and your family to have a great #SportingStarts especially as the school holidays are here.  You need to pick up a pack of Weetabix and enter your code online for the chance to receive a free or 2-4-1 Sports session plus the chance to win a money can’t buy prize. Top rewards consist of sporting experiences with athletes, including Denise Lewis herself, and other rewards such as team kits and biking sets.


I know the benefit of trying a new sport as the boys recently had a horse riding lesson for the first time and loved it and had so much fun.  Denise agrees that fun is the most important thing “What I think is important for most children is that when we first go into an environment like that is that they’re having fun”.

 Weetabix challenged gold medal winning Heptathlete Denise Lewis to get inspired and have a go at Cricket (her #SportingStarts).  As a mum to two boys I am aware of how expensive it can be to try a new sport sometimes, not just for the attendance fee, but also the kit that might be needed.  So I love that even if you do not win one of the main prizes you can still get 2 for 1 tickets for a large number of activities.

I love Denise’s enthusiasm and this is something that I see in my boys and the other children playing sports.  Team games such as Cricket are great for children who need a boost in confidence.

Our local cricket club holds weekly training which is open to everyone on a Sunday morning.

It is the same with our local Junior Football Club.  Every Saturday they hold a club training session which is just fun for kids of all ages and is a great way to enjoy a new sport without the commitment of joining a team.


Are you a sporting family?  Do your kids play specific sports or are they part of a team?  If you could have a try of any particular sport what would it be?  Living by the sea, both the boys fancy giving surfing a try!

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