The things they say – Maxi 4

Maxi: Mummy where is heaven?

Me: Where do you think it is Maxi?

Maxi: Is it near Devon?

Me: Erm…….. Go and ask your Dad

Maxi as Samuel Peeps in his class assembly this week

My stock response these days is to say “what do you think”.  Often it is sufficient to clarify the actual question, this time not so much. Normally I do not send him off to ask his Dad either, but I am really unsure about this whole Heaven thing, especially since losing my Mum.

I am linking this to my friend Chris at Thinly Spread‘s regular Friday Things they say and do!

4 thoughts on “The things they say – Maxi

  • Chris

    Oh bless him! That’s gorgeous! I actually think he may be right because the West Country is gorgeous and I always feel very happy and close to nature when I am down in Devon and Cornwall! Thanks for sharing this lovely moment. Talking about heaven is very hard, you might remember my post about Sensitive Soul’s struggles with it all and how difficult I find it to help them.

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