The trials and tribulations of learning to sew

I have never really learned how to sew, I am very ashamed to admit this, but guess it would be true of many people of my generation.  I guess there is a fair umber of reason for this, but the main ones that come to mind now are:
  • Wearing my mothers interpretation of the fashion of the day – peddle pusher dugerees in white broderie anglais
  • The recollection of being the only teen in homemade clothes at the school disco/youth club
  • A mother who was a great seamstress and found it quicker to do things herself
  • The demise of sewing lessons at school
  • The rise of cheap and disposable clothes
As I have become a mother myself, I have felt more creative and felt the need to provide for my family and really wanted to learn how to sew.

This culminated in me getting the old sewing machine that my mother gave me when I left home at 16 out of the garage and repurposing some of MadDads old shirts in to art smocks.

Feeling ready to step out of the shadow of my mum I signed up for a learn how to sew in baby steps on-line tutorial by Valarie at wonderful Frugal Family Fun Blog, only for the sewing machine to decide that it is no longer going to work, which is doubly disappointing as me and MadDad had started a special project for the boys rooms.

Well my mother in law came to the rescue and lent me hers. I have manage the little bit of sewing I needed to do annd we should be able to finish the project tomorrow. So I am now checking out ebay for a machine.