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The ultimate summer holiday bucket list

Call it what you will, summer holiday bucket list, summer activities, summer wish list.  Here is our list!

ultimate summer list
  1. picnic at the park (or more accurately various parks)!
  2. homemade pizza party
  3. Visit Forbidden Corner
  4. make pet rocks
  5. have a sleepover at Cousins
  6. Buy new school uniform
  7. make wind chimes
  8. go on a trampoline filled with water balloons
  9. go to the cinema
  10. tie dye t-shirts
  11. scavenger hunt walk
  12. lunch with dad at work
  13. make gingerbread
  14. attend story time at the library
  15. have a water balloon fight
  16. make journals and update your scrapbooks
  17. Make memory stones
  18. make homemade jam
  19. prepare a family meal
  20. Collect pinecones and make things from them
  21. Make a den
  22. go bowling
  23. have a neighbourhood waterfight
  24. go to the zoo
  25. colour some more fabric
  26. make footprint wrapping paper
  27. family bike ride
  28. go to Beamish
  29. make a rain catcher 
  30. go to a park you’ve never been to before
  31. go swimming
  32. go bird watching
  33. learn how to play a new board game
  34. visit local art gallery
  35. mail a letter to a penpal
  36. bake cookies
  37. fly a kite
  38. make pavement or sidewalk paint 
  39. go on a road trip
  40. have a water balloon fight
  41. go to the airshow
  42. go camping
  43. make a bird feeder
  44. play hopscotch
  45. make paper airplanes and race
  46. have a cricket match
  47. make sail boats and race
  48. go on a bouncy castle
  49. go fishing
  50. get the paddling pool out
  51. play mini golf
  52. make cupcakes
  53. ride on the bus
  54. learn to sew
  55. make smoothies
  56. go to a museum
  57. have a family talent show
  58. go to the woods
  59. go crabbing
  60. go paddling in the sea
  61. make friendship bracelets
  62. create sidewalk art using chalk
  63. make some shrinkydinks 
  64. make homemade bubbles
  65. go to an amusement park
  66. do a jigsaw puzzle
  67. make a dream catcher
  68. play mini golf
  69. camping in the backyard
  70. make sand castles at the park or beach
  71. make a volcano
  72. homemade marshmallow guns
  73. make a video
  74. make homemade instruments
  75. decorate cupcakes or cookies
  76. have a treasure hunt
  77. play Frisbee
  78. make sun catchers
  79. visit a nature center
  80. dye fabric with permanent markers
  81. go to the beach
  82. eat fish and chips at the beach
  83. collect sea shells
  84. go a local farmer’s market
  85. go on a minibeast hunt
  86. make soda floats
  87. have an ice cream party with lots of toppings
  88. go to the skate park or a skating rink
  89. decorate t shirts
  90. make paper mache air balloon models
  91. make ice cream
  92. have a movie night
  93. make popcorn
  94. roast marshmallows
  95. learn how to make smores
  96. have BBQ on the beach
  97. go to the moors
  98. go paddling in the back
  99. go on a train ride
  100.  organise a street party
100 summer activities
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