Things I have learnt this week 18

In homage to the very nice Its a small world after all, I have decided to do a short list of things I have learnt this week

  • That Mini’s current favorite animal is a fox
  • That Maxi loves crab meat
  • That neither of the boys are ready to ride their bikes without stabilisers
  • That the roofing company appointed by the Insurance company still haven’t got the parts to fix the conservatory
  • That 1 in 6 under 16s in the UK do not have breakfast
  • That there is definitely something about a full moon that makes the minis go madder than usual.
  • That MadDad is my rock
  • That life goes on…..

This was the men in my life looking at the lunar phases on my iphone

So what have you learned this week?

18 thoughts on “Things I have learnt this week

  • Trish@Show and Tell

    I discovered late last night that if you fall asleep on the lounge while boiling eggs on the stove, you will thankfully be woken by the deafening sounds of eggs exploding all over your kitchen like New Year’s Eve fireworks…before your house catches on fire and burns to the ground.


    • admin

      @Trish@Show and Tell: I am laughing at the egg fireworks, but I guess I shouldnt be. I am, so glad that you woke up in time Trish

    • admin

      @Victoria: I love your posts, you guys are learning so much new and exciting stuff and it is a great way of keeping a record of it. The world keeps turning.

  • Aly

    Lovely photo Jen.Really 1 in 16 don’t have breakfast? I don’t understand how that happens my kids ask for breakfast as soon as they get up.Hope your conservatory gets sorted too they really are taking the Micheal.Hugs x

    • admin

      @Aly: I know, I wouldnt send eaither of mine off without food, the stats that I have are truely shocking as you will see later in the week. Oh and I am in a funk about the conservatory

  • VintageVicki

    Am shocked at the 1 in 6 with no breakfast – there’s no way my 2 would leave the house without being fed.

    BTW the moon thing lasts forever with boys – I notice that now they are teens their hormones ‘spike’ around a full moon.

    • admin

      @VintageVicki: Indeed, I visited Kelloggs on friday and it was shocking indeed, I have a post about it coming next week. It is also interesting to know about the moon and your boys too

  • Denise

    Your Comments I have learnt that if you bring a bottle of Jack Daniel’s home it will not sty full for very long and subsequently a headache will follow!

  • muummmeeeee!

    Your Comments

    It’s nice to catch up with the Mads and really sorry about the loss of your mum – the thing I really love about your blog is the feeling that you lot really really love each other x

  • Chris at Thinly Spread

    I have learned that teenage boys can offer to help without being nagged if I give them the opportunity to do so and that knitting hearts makes me very happy indeed! Lovely photo Jen, what a team you all are! x

  • Karen Jones

    I have learned from the journey you have been on since Christmas, not to take my mother for granted. I am the first to admit I don’t have the kind of relationship with her that you had with your mum, but at the end of it all she is my mother and won’t always be around for me to make things right with.
    I love the photo Jen, and like you I am blessed with a wonderful husband and 3 gorgeous sons who I love more than life itself. I have learned that I am blessed indeed xxxx

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