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I am feeling a little down at the moment.  Month left over at the end of the money thing going on yet again and the realisation that next month is going to be even worse, so I though I would take a leaf out of our American Cousins book and list some things I am truly thankful for.  The thinking is if I am full of gratitude then the negative thoughts can not get in..
I am thankful for my funny boys, my Dark Vader MiniMad and my “I dont want to dress up and be in the school play” MaxiMad.
I am thankful for my den making capabilities!!!
I am thankful for MadDad the main man, my rock, my soul mate and my forever friend.
I am thankful for my super kingsize bed, allowing the whole family Mad to sleep soundly, even when we are joined by two little people during the night.
I am thankful for living by the sea, there is something so calming about watching the waves lap the shore.
I am thankful for heating, this time last year our boiler was broke and we spent all of November and the first week of December without hot water or heating.
I am thankful for my Farther in Law who dropped in a sack of home grown potatoes for us.
I am thankful for having an extra large blanket to all snuggle under and watch TV.
I am thankful for having parsnips, leaks and sprouts still in the garden.
So care to join me……

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11 thoughts on “Things to be thankful for

  • dottycookie

    Health and happiness are at the top of my list. I'm about to ask my two what they're grateful for – I suspect it will be something to do with the Build a Bear website!

  • Karen

    That's a great idea, I shall have a think and try to post about it later, when I get back from Steel drums!! Oh, there you go, I'm thankful that C gets to learn steel drums and is really good at it, and it only costs us a £1 donation each week. Hope you're feeling better soon, x.

  • bad penny

    I am exhausted today but thankful that I got my naughty runaway hens in before dark and the fox got them.

    Not been a brill day for me today, but my lovely boy made me a cup of tea – which I was most thankful for !

  • The Dotterel

    I'm thankful that I've been able to read so many lovely Thanksgiving posts today… all of which have reminded me how much I have to be thankful for…

  • Floss

    I am thankful that my boys are finally bouncing about again – after nearly two weeks off school ill they have undergone a transformation tonight and are clearly ready to go back!

    That said, we have had worrying money problems too, which like yours, won't be solved by the end of the month. Strangely, even that has given me things to be grateful for, as I was grateful for supermarket loyalty points that allowed me to buy bread when I had no cash, and a well-stocked freezer, and like you, veg in the garden.

  • Mum's Survival Guide

    What a lovely post. I think we should all be a bit more thankfull on more occasions when we're not, so well done. Hope things get better for you x

  • whoatemycrayons

    I am thankful for cheese, because without cheese the world would be a less smellier place. Hope you feel better soon!

  • Geriatric Mummy

    I've just done a post about the things I love about my little fella 🙂

    Well done you for pushing the bad stuff aside to celebrate the good. Not easy, but worth it. x


    Oh I hope you feel more cheery soon, I know the dreaded money tight feeling is so much worse at this time of year. You are so right though, a few moments thinking of all the good things we have to be thnkful for and life looks rosier! big hugs. suzie. xxx

  • cowgirl in wellies

    We have been talking about what we're thankful for this week (as every Thanksgiving) and we came up with all of our loved ones from most everyone and a happy life from Josh. I'm with you on the supersize bed. I have one too. It is bliss. I'm very jealous of the seaside though. Lucky you.

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