Things to consider before bringing a dog into your family home 4

Things to consider before bringing a dog into your family home is a paid collaboration with Drontal to highlight the importance of using worming treatment every three months (Drontal is something we use, so I am delighted to be working with them). We are big pet lovers in here in the Mad House and love having Alvin as part of our family. However, bringing a dog into your home is something that really needs to be considered very carefully.

Things to consider before bringing a dog into your family home

Do your research and talk.

There is so much to consider even before you bring a dog into your home. You all need to be really honest about the answers to this. Even though the boys’ were adamant that they would be involved in looking after Alvin realistically I am the one that takes on 90% of his care. Plus did you know that you have to be over 10 years old to be legally responsible for a dog outside the home?

Questions you need to ask yourself and the rest of the family include:

Do we have time for a dog? Not only for walks but also grooming, training and upkeep. For example, did you know that in addition to annual boosters it is recommended that you worm your dog every three months in order to protect both your dog and your family? By proactively treating your dog with Drontal worming tablets every three months (for dogs that are a part of a family with small children, monthly is often recommended) you are helping to protect ALL your family. Certain types of worms can be transmitted from dogs to humans, including roundworm which can cause toxocariasis, Children are often at the greatest risk.

Can we afford a dog? Alvin is a pedigree dog and we did buy him.  We have our own reasons for that including the fact that we wanted a specific breed as Maxi as afraid of dogs but loved Buddy (The Frugal Family’s Bichon).  But in addition to the cost of buying your dog, you also need to factor in food, boosters, microchipping, insurance, regular treatments, grooming costs, vets bills, dog toys and equipment (leads, crate, poo bags). Then there are the associated costs when we go on holiday. Alvin goes to pet sitters when we go on holiday.

Can we make the commitment to a dog? Most dogs do not like being alone, so it isn’t just about the time it takes to look after a dog but also to be its family and be with it.  Alvin loves company. He likes to play and go on walks but he also likes to just sit with you. He doesn’t like long periods of being on his own.  We have even taken Alvin on dog-friendly holidays with us. The average lifespan of a dog is 12 years. So it is a long-term commitment that you are making.

Do we have allergies to consider?  Think about getting a nonshedding dog if you’re worried about loose hairs or kids’ allergies. Dogs that are regularly professionally groomed shed less in the home. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog since all dogs produce dander. Alvin doesn’t shed, but he does need a lot of grooming.

I have some tips on choosing the best dog for your family and really believe that every family can benefit from having a dog.

Having a dog is a big responsibility – just after having a child in my opinion and they can be hard work like children too.  You have to pick up their poo, feed them, wash them, brush their teeth, give them medication and train them.  However, the reward for this is priceless. Alvin is part of our family and we all love him and wouldn’t be without him.  He has given us so much joy