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This is our happily ever after, Life lessons from the summer holiday

I used to be a control freak, a planner, an organiser and have always needed to be in charge.  I am very good at planning and getting things done, hence the fact that I manage projects.  However, over the years since I had my children and worked on my depression I have learnt that perfectionists are more likely to suffer with depression and that I have to let go.

Normally over the summer holidays I would make sure we had activities planned in for each day.  I would make sure that we had a schedule and an itinerary to ensure that the boys were kept busy and I was kept in my comfort zone.  However this year due to recovering from my operation and lots of other reasons I couldn’t make these plans, so we had to wing it and I had to learn to let go.  It was such a hard learning curve, but has taught me some great life lessons.


The boys have learned to make their own fun, fill their time and have had fantastic days playing in the neighbourhood with local children of all ages.  They have spent days collecting crickets and bugs, making mud pies and doing tricks on their scooters.  Both can ride their bikes without stabilizers competently now too.

I have learned to relax a little with them about having lunch and dinner at set times and let them come home when they were hungry.  I have learned that a few late nights will not kill them or me. We have discovered some lovely local walks and spent time on the beach.

Rather than worry about the mess and state of the house, I did the minimum to get by and the boys helped with the work, by mopping, vacuming, polishing and cleaning with me. We tended to our little raised beds in the garden and enjoyed our home grown veg.  We learned to live at a slower pace and live in the now.

What did you learn this summer?


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