This one time at Blog Camp – Tracks of my Years 1

I went to Blog Camp last week at Manchester, a great event not just for mummy bloggers and I have had this song in my head ever since.  Why you ask?  Well you know that now infamous line that Alison Hannigan says in American Pie “this one time at Band Camp”, yes that one!



I had such fun at Blog Camp in addition to learning some new stuff and also compounding some stuff that I also sort of knew.  I also got to meet a few of the people I chat away too on twitter and some that I am far to intimidated by.  I got to see some fantastic shoes (yes that would be Bangs and a bun, but also Elsie from Babylon Lane tales too).

I sat riveted through some great presentations and discussions and had an all round fantastic day.  I also learned that I must have my broadband via Talk Talk as I need their Home Safe tool for the boys, please do have a read it is a must in my opinion.

Why not pre-register for a Blog Camp event close to you, it is free after all and they event provided lunch!

Tracks of my years, is a something I do to let my children have an insight in to me and my musical history and why certain songs mean so much to me.  I would love to see you join in.  All you need do is link any music post you might have done over the last week.

You can also post the following code if you would like to have the link on your blog and join in as a blog hop :get the InLinkz code


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