This week so far in Instagram 2

I have been far too tired on a evening after a full day with the boys to do a full post, but I thought I would give you a glimpse in to this week so far in Instagram.  It was my birthday on Monday and it was filled, with love, surprises and a few tears.

  1. Reindeer food, details on my new blog A thrifty mum
  2. My birthday stash, I had been lusting after Nigel Slaters books forver
  3. Mini’s desk tidy mouse, won from Domestic Goddesque from The Little Green Paintbox.  I urge you to take a look, it is only £3 and has everything you need in the box.  Fabulous!
  4. The boys waiting in M&S to meet MadDad for a supprise birthday lunch
  5. Birthday bowling.  It was wonderful to watch the boys play together
  6. Mini making Ninja Breadmen, recipe for not so gingery gingerbread from Frugalisious Food
  7. Layered Peppermint bark from here.  We left out the peppermintoil and you do not need 30 full sized candy canes, only about 10, we have shed loads left over (all crushed), but it is delicious
  8. Our gingerbread house made from Frugal Family’s mould
  9. Mince pies ala mini
  10. No peaking, gift wrap and little boxes of loveliness for MadDads colleagues
  11. Felt mistletoe
  12. Christmas ribbon

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