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We don’t send a lot of Christmas cards, but the ones we do are all handmade with love.  We loved the simple ribbon Christmas cards we made last year, so I have been looking at doing something similar this year and we came up with these threaded ribbon Christmas Cards.  They are a great for kids of all ages and perfect for working on fine motor skills with the bonus of looking fantastic too,

Threaded Ribbon Christmas Cards

I love the simplicity of the card, plus the fact that I have a lot of ribbon to use up!  We used a mixture of white clay stars that we made last year and painted them gold and also some glitter foam ones,  I made a template for the holes using my Cricut Explore, but you could just use a long nose single hole punch or a circle punch.  If I could have found my punch set (UK Link/US Link) I know the boys would have had a lot of fun using it!

How to make Threaded Ribbon Christmas Cards

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Threaded Ribbon Christmas Cards


Threaded Ribbon Christmas Cards

Draw out your tree on to your card and then punch out the holes.  Kids will love using a hollow punch set and craft hammer.  Just make sure that you have a cutting mat underneath or lots of newspaper.  Alternately if you have a cutting machine use that,

Threaded Ribbon Christmas Cards

Then you can start threading.  We we using ribbon that had a pattern on one side, which meant that the boys had to think about how they were threading it and also keeping the pattern to the front of the ribbon. Secure the end of your ribbon with tape inside of the card.

Threaded Ribbon Christmas Cards

Once your child has finished threading the ribbon then they need to cut it and tape the end to the back of the card

Threaded Ribbon Christmas Cards

The comes the time to add the star.  We used ones we had made and foam ones.  I love Glue dots for times like these as they do not need to dry.

Threaded Ribbon Christmas Cards

Both the boys were delighted with their cards and they are perfect for giving to their Teachers this week.

Threaded Ribbon Christmas Cards

For younger children make the holes larger and use ribbon which is the same on both sides, like a grosgrain ribbon.

Threaded Ribbon Christmas Cards. These simple Christmas cards are perfect for children of all ages to make and perfect for working on fine motor skills too

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These simple threaded ribbon Christmas cards are perfect for children of all ages to make and perfect for working on fine motor skills too .  A simple christmas card craft for kids

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