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Tips for Driving in the USA

We are off to Florida shortly with my brother and his family for our holiday of a lifetime.   We will be hiring a car in the USA for the duration of our holiday, so like when we were in France, I thought it wise to put together a tips for driving in the USA.

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  • Make sure you drive on the right.
  • You have to come to a complete stop at a stop sign even if the roads are deserted
  • Make sure you check the driving rules of the state you are visiting 
  • Have your driving license and passport ready, you may also need your booking reference that the travel company gave you.
  • Make sure you know the speed limits for the state you are visiting
  • Right turns are allowed at red traffic lights, unless there is sign telling you otherwise.
  • If you arrive at a crossroad (multiple junction), the driver who arrived first has right of way. If two arrive at the same time, give way to the right at all times
  • Only use a carpool or HOV lane in accordance with the laws for it. It’s usually in place to avoid congestion and should be used when you meet the minimum passenger requirements for it
  • Stop for school buses when they have their lights flashing and are stationary at the side of the road
  • Remember that you must pay for your fuel BEFORE you attempt to refuel
  • Cars in the USA don’t have a dedicated indicator light, they have a red flashing indicator that blends in well with their brake lights