Tips for Dealing with Eczema and Sensitive Skin in the Summer 83

Tips for Dealing with Eczema and Sensitive Skin in the Summer is a paid collaboration with Neutral 0%.

I make no secret of the fact that we are a somewhat sensitive family, with maxi suffering from eczema and my super sensitive skin.   As much as I am loving our wonderful summer, the heat is making it really challenging when it comes to looking after our skin.  I am not kidding when I say the summer brings its own unique challenges. I have the dreaded chub rub, MadDad has prickly heat, add in chlorine from swimming pools, sand and salt water from the beach.

Tips for Dealing with Eczema and Sensitive Skin in the Summer

Dealing with Eczema and Sensitive Skin in the Summer

Normally we don’t have issues with the summer itself per say but rather the transition between the seasons, but the prolonged heat and humidity are bringing its own challenges especially as for some people sweat actually exacerbates their issues.  It has taken us years to get Maxi’s eczema under control and there is no way we are letting a hot summer derail that, so we have been taking extra precautions and it seems to be working (touch wood).

Sometimes dealing with Maxi’s eczema can be tricky, but being careful and making plans means that he is much less likely to have a flare-up. Things that might have slipped through the net this last week are a new football kit that he tried to wear before I washed it and nearly forgetting our own pillowcases and linen when visiting friends. I know they sound like little things, but the small things make a massive difference.  Since April this year, we have been working with Neutral 0% laundry detergent. Initially, they sent a selection of their products for us to use but since then I have been buying them myself as they are brilliant.   Neutral 0% has no colourants and no perfumes which is brilliant as this means there are much fewer ingredients that might irritate anyone’s skin. Neutral 0% is designed for people with allergies and sensitive skin, it doesn’t contain any unnecessary chemicals and the performance is brilliant…I can vouch for that – I have been delighted with the results..

Tips for Dealing with Eczema and Sensitive Skin in the Summer

I have some fabulous tips for dealing with eczema and sensitive skin but the summer needs extra management in our experience.

How to prevent eczema flare-ups this summer

Be consistent – If something works for you.  Keep doing it consistently no matter what.  For us that means moisturising, using the same laundry products and sometimes resorting to nagging to make sure things get done, but as a parent that is my job and dealing with a flare up is much harder than the earache.

Stay hydrated – both internally and externally. So we drink lots of water and use lots of moisturiser. Even sometimes moisturising when the skin is damp.

Keep an eye on chlorine – There is no way that Maxi is going to let chlorine keep him out of the pool over the summer so we make sure that he uses a barrier cream before swimming and that he showers off as soon as he is out.  Plus he always uses his own towel rather than a supplied one when on holiday so that doesn’t aggravate his eczema (I totally swear by Neutral 0% not only does it keep the boys’ clothes clean, not of us has any reactions to it).

Don’t stress – for a long time, MadDad would keep himself covered up or not bother going to the beach when he had prickly heat and this is the same for lots of eczema suffers, however, he came to the realisation that his skin actually likes being in salt water.  Actually, stress can sometimes exacerbate eczema and the sun or more specifically UV light can be helpful.

Keep cool – sweat is a real trigger for Maxi’s eczema, so it pays for him to stay as cool as possible and that means natural fabrics, wearing loose fitting clothes, moisture-wicking fabric and luke warm showers or baths.

Keep trying – dealing with an ongoing condition can be exhausting and sometimes you can feel as though nothing is working. The fact is that sometimes things that don’t work a year ago can work now as things change. This is something we are learning as hormones kick in!


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