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If only all plane journeys were so easy!

Do you remember hearing about KLM putting on a screening of Disney’s Planes on for a group of children?

Just take a look at this video if you haven’t already seen it.

As you all must know by now we are off to Florida on the holiday of a lifetime with our children in just under a month and I want to share my top tips for making flights as easy as possible for children.

flying tips

  1. Arrive early.  Make sure you allow lots of time.  A less stressed parents means less stressed children and also means that you will all be more relaxed.
  2. Pack well. Give each child their own hand luggage which they can carry.  My boys have a playawaycase, which will contain things for entertaining them in the airport and on the plane. Do not let them pack themselves unless they are old enough as you do not want a bag full of toy cars and nothing else!  If you child needs a certain blanket or teddy to get to sleep make sure you pack that in hand luggage too.
  3. Prebook your seats – It is worthwhile prebooking your seats together if you can before you get to the airport.  This way their is no anxiety about all sitting together.
  4. Keep the activities coming – Make sure you have lots of activities for on the plane.  We like top trumps cards, books, colouring and handheld consoles.  Make sure that all electronics are fully charged
  5. Pack child sized headphones – I always make sure that my boys have their own sets of headphones that fit them and are comfortable.
  6. Keep them fed and watered – Pack lots of snacks and buy drinks once you are through security.  A sweet to suck during takeoff and landing can help with ear pain.
  7. Give them a camera – I encourage my boys to keep a travel journal and to take their own images for it.  Kids love cameras and you can set challenges to take yellow images if you are delayed.
  8. Locate the loo’s – Make sure you locate the loos in the airport and visit them before moving on to boarding.  Children always need the toilet at the most inconvenient times.
  9. Do not forget medicine – If your child takes medication make sure to pack it along with a prescription too.  I also always pack paracetamol, travel sickness products and a sick bag just in case.  Excitement can show itself in many new ways!
  10. Baby wipes – never travel anywhere without baby wipes, they are amazing!