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Tips for keeping safe whilst shopping online is a paid collaborative post with Mcafee. I am a BIG fan of doing my shopping online. I don’t really like crowds and much prefer to find the perfect gift in the comfort of my own home with the benefit of having it delivered directly to me. Plus the internet has opened up a wealth of independent shops that are no longer available on the high street where I live.

Tips for keeping safe whilst shopping online. Follow our Online shopping safety tips to remain to stay safe while shopping online.

Tips for keeping safe whilst shopping online

According to a recent research by Mcafee half of people surveyed (50%) would have to ‘cancel Christmas’ if they had money stolen from their account by an online fraudster or hacker. Shopping online has left me open to fraud the Christmas before last. I was lucky and noticed immediately and I use a prepared card for online purchases so they could only spend a certain amount.

McAfee’s tips for keeping safe whilst shopping online

– Always connect with caution. Public Wi-Fi might seem like a good idea, but if you are not careful, they could be unknowingly be exposing personal information or credit card details to cybercriminals who are snooping on the
network. If you have to conduct transactions on a public Wi-Fi connection use a virtual private network (VPN) to help keep your connection secure.

–  Think before you click. One of the easiest ways for a cybercriminal to compromise you is by using phishing emails to lure people into clicking links for products or services that could lead to malware, or a phoney website designed to steal personal information. If the deal seems too good to be true, or the email was not expected it is always best to check directly with the source.

Browse with security protection.  As our daily activities become more ingrained in our digital lives, it is important to keep everything protected. A comprehensive security solution can help ensure that your devices are protected against malware, phishing attacks and device-specific protection in the event of loss or theft.

Tips for keeping safe whilst shopping online. Follow our Online shopping safety tips to remain to stay safe while shopping online.

Other Tips for Safe Online Shopping

  • Look for HTTPS  and the padlock symbol in the URL rather than HTTP.
  • Check your accounts regularly. The sooner you can detect any iffy activity the sooner you can put a stop on your card and get it fixed. For me, this means checking online at least once a week, more often over the festive season rather than waiting for the monthly paper statements.
  • Pay using a credit card or an online service such as Paypal which doesn’t divulge your bank details.
  • Protect your devices. It is no good to just have anti-virus, security or malware protection installed on your devices if you don’t keep it up to date and use it.
  • Use unique and strong passwords.

What are your top tips for ensuring safety whilst shopping online?


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  • Fran Taylor

    I can’t imagine how horrible it would be to be a victim at this time of year. My McAffee subscription is due to run out so I must remember to renew it!

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