Tips for Living with Eczema – Allergy Awareness Week 61

Tips for Living with Eczema is a paid collaboration with Neutral 0%.

Anyone that has been following my blog for a while will know that Maxi suffers from Eczema and has since he was small.  He is now 13 and I like to think that we have his skin condition under control, however, he still has flare ups, in fact, he went through a particularly nasty one a couple of weeks ago.

Tips for Living with Eczema - Allergy Awareness Week

I had become complacent and decided to try a new laundry product and POW – poor Maxi suffered the consequences of me trying to make the change and this was when to Neutral 0% stepped in. Neutral 0% is a premium range of laundry products designed for people with allergies and sensitive skin.  It has 0% perfumes, 0% colourants and 0% optical brighteners.  Originating in Denmark over 25 years ago Neutral 0% is a household name in Scandinavian countries and is designed to reduce the risk of skin allergy reaction and irritation without compromising on performance.  We are going to be working with Neutral 0% over the coming year and they asked us to share with you our tips for living with eczema.

Tips for Living with Eczema

As a parent, I have always made sure that I have followed the medical instructions given to me for dealing with Maxi’s skin condition but have found other ways to make living with eczema much more comfortable for all of us. Obviously, I am not an expert and these are just what works for us and will not work for everyone.

Be consistent – This is our key to everything. Making sure that we consistently apply creams and treatments.  We found the right maintenance regime and we stick to it.  It took some time but we found out which products worked for us and which ones didn’t.

Know the triggers.  We kept a diary and soon realised what triggered Maxi’s breakouts.  This included being generally unwell, central heating, parabens, certain washing powders, weather changes, chlorine, certain sun protection cream and wind and also lack of sleep!

Moisturise.  When you find a moisturiser that suits your child skin then use it often and generously. This can be a challenge when skin is a good condition. especially with a teenager, but he has learned this the hard way.

Wearing natural and breathable clothing without seams that irritate was key for Maxi.  He found labels and certain fabrics made his eczema worse. I also always make sure that I use laundry detergent and fabric softener that is kind to sensitive skin.  Neutral 0% is designed for sensitive skin and has both the Allergy UK Seal of Approval and is recomended by Netmums.

Use distraction – Sometimes we have to realise that our children just feel the need to itch and it can be so demoralising for them to keep hearing you say “don’t scratch” or “stop itching”. For us, this is where fidget toys often come in.  They can be a great way of keeping those hands busy and stopping the constant habit of itchiness.

Be prepared for age to change things – this is something we have learned.  We were hoping that Maxi would grow out of his eczema, however, that isn’t the case, yet! Hormones have effected maxi’s triggers.

Be careful with anything that touches your child’s skin. For Maxi, this means no products with SLS, SLA or Parabens including shampoo (which rinses off on his skin). This also means washing things such as scarfs, travel pillows etc using products such as Neutral 0% which are free from perfumes and colourants. We even take our own linen for Maxi on holiday.  We have been caught out with things like school football kit which gets communally washed in the past, so he wears underlayers to protect his skin.

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61 thoughts on “Tips for Living with Eczema – Allergy Awareness Week

  • Emily / Babies and Beauty

    Sounds like me and Max have a lot of the same triggers, central heating is a nightmare for setting mine off as does the change in weather. So with the snow, sun and then snow this past month it’s been hell.

  • Catrin Lewis

    It’s strange how different kids have different triggers isn’t it? I have to buy my girls different suncreams – boits own brand is brilliant for Marged but sets Anwen’s face off (seems to be ok on her body) the only ‘suncream’ that she’ll let me put on her face now is my Oil of Olay moisturiser with spf15. But not the one for sensitive skin! That brings her out in blotches!?!

  • Rachel Craig

    Be aware of triggers. Moisturise. Cotton clothing and bedding tends to be most appropriate.

  • Tracey Belcher

    My grandson has bad eczema and we have tried so many products – the best tip I can give is it is a process of elimination and finding the right product to help you – sometimes a stronger prescription medication is needed….Cool clothing, and stop itching as much as possible. You can buy some great anti-scratch clothing too

  • Super Busy Mum

    This is such a great post and so important too. I had eczema REALLY bad when I was in my teenage years myself – at one point? Both of my hands had to be bandaged up due to being so bad {nby my GP}. So, a great post – thanks so much for sharing!

  • Kerry Taylor

    Mine was really bad when I was working in a bar and restaurant. The manager even tried changing the soap in the dispensers to see if that helped. As soon as I started in an office, it all cleared up.

  • claire glace

    Ive been using the childrens range in boots, it has been very helpful in curbing it, childs play is the name….

  • Lesley Bambridge

    My tip is to icrease the Omega 3 oils in the diet, and to avoid refined sugars and white flour also. I have found this to help with the inflammation issues that can make matters worse.

  • Fay

    No allergies or eczema here, but lots of psoriasis! Just have to keep moisturised as much as possible & try not to get stressed!


    For my daughter i find when I bath her every night her skin gets really sore so we bath every other night and this has made a huge difference!

  • Solange

    When you have eczema, how you wash your skin is important. Take a short, warm (not hot) bath or shower every day. Use a gentle cleanser instead of soap and don’t scrub your skin. Pat it slightly dry. While it’s still damp, apply moisturiser within 3 minutes to seal in the hydration. An oatmeal bath can help control itching, too.

  • amy bondoc

    sounds odd, but i iron literally everything both side and inside out, a tip my gran told me

  • Hilda Wright

    For me it is moisturising! If I do it I can just about keep eczema away apart from the occasional little flare up so it is worth sticking with it!

  • Michelle Ferguson

    I suffer with eczema so try to avoid heavily perfumed products and stick to gentle laundry products.

  • CHERRY Lloyd

    watch your diet and avoid trigger foods, get enough sleep, drink pleanty of water. Use emoillient to wash skin and mositurise every day. Keep products perfume free. Relax, manage stress levels and get some fresh air.

  • Heather Haigh

    We try and avoid as many harsh chemicals and strongly scented products as possible. Lots of simple moisturiser.

  • Lesley Renshaw

    We live in an old property and the best investment I made was a dehumidifier. It’s done us all a world of good x

  • Michaela Hannah

    I always find with my son that if i use cream on him even when he hasnt got a breakout he suffers a lot less

  • paula cheadle

    find out what makes it worse, then avoid it at all costs. put the cream on out 15 mins before going to bed, it gives it chance to soak into the skin, not get rubbed off

  • amanda greensmith

    we found that when my son’s eczema flares up we give him lemon drinks i give him evening primrose capsule and use a natural cream i had made up containing blue camomile and lavender i also use soap nuts to wash all his clothes and bedding in and use vinegar instead of fabric conditioner and the only time he gets flare up is when he visits his dad’s

  • Susan Willshee

    I’ve found that often one allergy is linked to another. So when our little Leo developed eczema we began looking at things he eats, wears, etc. We’ve found he is slightly better if we don’t give him too much dairy. So perhaps an idea for other eczema sufferers is to consider whether there could be other factors that link to the ‘flare ups’

  • Tracey S Anderson

    Keeping you’r skin as supple as possible by regular moisturising can help allieviate the symptoms x

  • ellie spider

    cotton clothing and sheets make a huge difference (also for some reason if we dry sheets on the line they actually affect H – we wondered if it was due to pollen but alll hers need to be done in the dryer now)

  • Faye Reed

    Always carry anti histamines for allergies, and cover the bairns in E45 twice a day s

  • sherri Hough

    wear the gloves that are for wearing to put moisture into hands, they look like scratch mittens at night. This will stop you scratching when asleep

  • Jayne Townson

    I always use natural chemical free products whenever possible and I find that really helps.

  • Jo Hutchings

    I think that keeping a diary of what triggers allergies is a really good idea.

  • Danielle Graves

    Try to learn your triggers so you can avoid them where possible. oat baths can be brilliant for soothing sore itchy skin

  • Karen Hughes

    We have tried to identify what causes my girls eczema to flare up. So we never have the heating on as it turns them into an itchy mess. We also try to avoid all artificial fragrance etc in toiletries. I have never heard of this brand . Have always used fairy for their clothes. This looks so much better

  • Jennifer Baker

    Keep moisturiser in your bag wherever you go, I never leave the house without it for my daughter x x x

  • Jeanette Leighton

    Baths and creams me and my daughter Sheriah have eczema I can’t use fabric conditioner when I wash my clothes or I itch for days

  • Georgie Wright

    I use emollients in the bath and moisturise regularly throughout the day. I agree that once you find one that works buy lots of it especially when it’s on a deal! Heating, air con, changes in temperature, the weather, most wash powders, some soaps/gels and certain materials are all a nightmare!

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