Tips for Spring Cleaning your Appliances

Tips for Spring Cleaning your appliances is a collaborative post with Bekko. I HATE cleaning but I love a clean house. Yes, I know you can not have one without the other, so I work on the process of little and often and also in delegation, so if you can afford a cleaner then whoop, if not get the whole family involved.

Spring cleaning hacks. Tips for cleaning your appliances with natural cleaning products. Do less cleaning but do it better!

I am not a big spring cleaner, in fact I avoid it if I can by doing little and often and I love the suggestions below especially as they use natural cleaning products and I love my bicarb, lemon and white vinegar.

I do clean all of the below appliances but rather than just doing it in April I spread it over the year.

The Big Spring Clean: How to clean your appliances
Provided by Beko

I would love to know your top cleaning tips. I have no wish to be a Mrs Hinch (heck all she seems to do is clean) but I do want to have a lovely clean home!