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Tips for the perfect family BBQ

Tips for the perfect family BBQ is a paid collaboration with Regina for the #TheStressofMess campaign. We have become quite adept at BBQ’s this summer. Not only thanks to the fabulous weather but also thanks to the boys being older and more than capable of doing a lot of the work and cooking themselves.  Plus for some reason cooking with fire has become a man’s job here and for once I am not going to get all feminist about this as I normally would as this means I get a day off cooking and cleaning!

Research by Regina found that 84% of UK parents think BBQs are messy and over a third of them put off having one because of the fear of the mess.  So it seems that the ‘stress of mess’ and the impact it has is infringing on enjoying family moments. I am not going to lie and I used to be the same, but as the years have gone by I have got more relaxed, plus I am not afraid of delegating to the husbeast and the boys’.

We had my niece over this weekend and decided to have a last minute BBQ before the business of back to school and the football season takes over. However, we were also busy finishing off the new patio, building a trampoline and installing outdoor lighting so it had to be quick and easy.

Tips for the perfect family BBQ

My top tip is to delegate, so set each person tasks.  If you are having a large family get together then ask everyone to bring something, so someone to bring the salads, someone to bring the deserts. That way not only are you spreading the cost but also the work!

When it comes to food sometimes simple food cooked well is best.  There is nothing nicer than a well-cooked burger or sausage, so buy quality meat and cook it carefully. Just because it is a BBQ doesn’t mean the food has to be charcoal!

Forget the plates. When it comes to feeding children, I tend to forgo the plates as they are more than happy with a burger in a bun or a sausage and I just wap them with kitchen roll. Perfect for wiping mucky faces and fingers too and you can just pop in the bin or the compost bin (which is what we do).

Spontaneous is often best. Seriously if you have the fuel and BBQ then you can make the most of the weather.

Don’t leave cleaning up for another day. Cleaning the BBQ whilst it is still warm is easiest.  So after about 30 minutes when the grill is cool enough we soak in soapy water and use a BBQ brush to remove any burnt on food and then wipe with a paper towel. We leave the coals in the BBQ until the next day and then pop in the compost bin.

If you really hate cleaning up the BBQ then opt for one that you can pop in the dishwasher and then wipe with some Regina kitchen roll which has triple layer sheets with super-strong unique embossing and are almost 70% bigger than standard kitchen roll designed to be used both inside and outside the home

Since I relaxed about BBQ’s and stopped stressing about the mess they have been so much more fun and enjoyable for all the family and much less work for me, which is a total win, right?!

How to have a fabulous family BBQ. Forget the mess and make the most of of fantastic grilled food with our tips for the perfect family BBQ.

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