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Tips to make learning fun at home is a collaborative post with Brainwaves. When your kids are at school, they come home accompanied by empty lunch boxes, playground tales, and lots of learning. But there’s no reason why the learning should stop at the school gates, as there’s lots we can do at home to help children grow their knowledge.

Homework can be a real sticking point in any household, but it doesn’t need to be this way! At Brainwaves, we create rewards to help children develop, and we’ve got some top tips to make learning fun at home too.

Simple and easy tips to make learning fun at home.  Children love to learn and don't even know they are when they are having fun and learning through play.

Tips to make learning fun at home

Make time

We all know that learning takes time, so when it comes to helping your child at home it’s important to consider this in your family’s daily routine. Having some time in the calendar on a regular basis, which is put aside for your child’s homework, can help to create routine and headspace to learn.

Having an early homework slot will also mean your child can then go on to do other activities for the rest of the evening – a reward for getting their work done on time!

Let’s do this together

An effective way to encourage your child to start on some educational tasks is to sit down and join in with them. Even if you’re not talking through the homework together, you can use the time to respond to your own deadlines and knock off an email or two!

By working together, you can show children that the skills they are learning will be of importance as they grow up. Even us adults have homework. 

Get creative

A great way to retain a child’s interest is through creativity Incorporating fun and colourful imagery, as well as activities, spark their interest and keep them engaged.

Numbers and words can be difficult to grasp on paper, so why not try tackling those math equations with a paintbrush, or turning that English assignment into a drama production. Why not try playing our chalk game.

Make it interactive

Children love having space to control their own learning, as it gives them a great sense of ownership.

A useful approach to encourage such behaviour is to allow your child to mark their own progress in learning with reward charts. This also makes learning FUN. Here at Brainwaves, we have a collection of playful stickers, rewards charts and certificates which can be used to decorate and record their work and development.

Another good way to make homework interactive is to incorporate games and activities into their learning. Better still, why not get them moving and take some of the activities outdoors. Why not try playing our chalk game.

Celebrate achievements

At school, teachers often use rewards to recognise a child’s willingness and dedication, such as certificates. By receiving praise for their effort, kids gain a huge sense of accomplishment.

So next time your child proudly comes home with a certificate, let’s remember to give it pride of place at home. Celebrating your child’s achievements not only shows them that you’re proud but will encourage them to keep up the good work! 

Simple and easy tips to make learning fun at home.  Children love to learn and don't even know they are when they are having fun a nd learning through play.

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  • Leine Marie

    Thanks for this! I am not a mum, but I’m a school teacher who wants to start tutoring. I want my tutoring sessions to be fun as well as educational, but although I know how to do this in the classroom, I wasn’t sure on how to do this in a home setting. I got a few pointers on how to cross over 🙂

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