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Tips to Save Energy in the Bathroom

With energy prices on the increase, we are all looking for ways to save energy in our homes and these tips to save energy in the bathroom will not only help you save money by reducing your energy bills but also preserve the environment too.

Tips to Save Energy in the Bathroom

We all know that swapping to more energy-efficient devices will reduce bills in the long term, however, we are not all in the position to be able to spend money to save money and a more efficient boiler would be the biggest money saver is also one of the largest home spends. So these tips to save energy in the bathroom are ones that are practical and not too expensive. Whilst we are talking about saving the planet and energy why not check out some sustainable bathroom products.

Tips to Save Energy in the Bathroom

For such a small room, the bathroom sees a lot of water and electricity use throughout the day. Long, hot and deep baths to relieve stress, and steamy showers to get ready for the day ahead can mean a lot of time with the water running. It also means there are lots of opportunities to reduce energy consumption as well.

Reduce temperatures

Approximately 28% of your heating bill can be spent on heating water in your home and most of this heated water will be used in your bathroom. By reducing water temperatures in the shower, bath and through your taps, you could reduce your household energy usage. Your hot water cylinder thermostat should be set at 60-65ºC. This is high enough to kill off harmful bacteria such as Legionella, it also means you’re not paying to overheat the water.

Insulate your Hot Water Tank

If your hot water tank doesn’t have a cover or if it is less than 75mmthick or it does not completely cover the tank all the way around then you may want to add one as it will help maintain the water in the tank for longer and also reduce heatloss by around75% saving around £40 a year.

Replace baths with shorter showers

Swapping to showers instead of baths could help to reduce your water usage and could save you around £10 on your utility bills. You could make even more savings by reducing the amount of time you spend in the shower — getting out just one minute earlier could help you save up to £8 a year.

Buying a more efficient shower head can save you as much as £18 per person a year on energy bills, these aerate the waster to maintain pressure and are water saving.

Swap to LED lights

If your bathroom light bulb needs changing, replace it with an LED bulb. Across an average house, replacing old incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs could save £55 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Use the Bathroom Fan Moderately

Many bathrooms have an exhaust fan or exterior wall to remove moist humid air and smells from the room. It is important to keep the fan clean for it to run efficiently many work on a motion sensor or are linked to when the light goes on and off. If your fan doesn’t have a timer on it then it can be worth adding as it doesn’t need to be on long after the room is vacated.

Unplug Devices

Don’t leave your electric toothbrush or electric razor plugged in, Even if they are not charging they will still be using electricity. So-called vampire appliances continue to suck energy even if they are turned off.

Bathroom Water Saving Tips

Tips to Save Energy in the Bathroom

We obviously use a lot of water in our bathrooms, so can save a large amount of water just by changing a few things and making developing new habits:

  • Switching from baths to showers
  • Using a dual flush toilet (a little flush for a wee and a longer one for a number two).
  • instaling water aerators on taps and showers (they work by adding air to the water and reducing the amount of water released). They could save you £25 a year on energy bills, plus an additional £13 on water bills if you’re on a meter.
  • Installing a water-saving or low-flow shower head (most newer ones are already water-saving, but older ones are less water efficient)
  • Not leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth can save 10 litres of water a minute according to the Energy Saving Trust.
  • Getting any leaking or dripping taps fixed.
  • Fill the sink half full rather than all the way when washing your face.

Other Energy & Money Saving Tips:

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