To my Darling Boys 9

Each year I write a letter to you both, talking about what we have done during the past year and all the things that I want to tell you.  It has been really tough writing this one, as your dearest Grandma was found dead by Uncle C on Christmas Day.  I know that you were scared of Mummy’s screaming and tears, but you both were really good boys and went to Nana and Grandads and have been a tower of strength to be in the last week or so.

You have both been so lucky to have spent time with your Grandma, who loved you so much and really enjoyed her two boys.  She will always love you and be proud of you no matter what.

It has been a busy and exciting year for both you boys.  Mini you started full time school this September and have settled in like a dream.  Your teacher told Mummy and Daddy you where such a happy little boys, who was a joy to have in the classroom and that you are a wonderful and talented reader.  You really enjoy spending time reading with Mrs H and your favorite place in the classroom is the construction area.

School has been a big transition for you this year Maxi, Year one has had its up and downs and we are all learning that you need to be challenged and have been moved in to an advanced mathematics and literacy group with the year 5 children.  You do more like being board and so want to learn.  You are full of questions.

You are both still really enjoying going to swimming lessons and have so much fun in the water, in fact you would stay in as long as possible.  It makes me happy that you both love swimming as much as mummy even in the ice cold North Sea, which is why we bought you wet suits again and even using them your lips sometimes turn blue!

You also both go to football on a Saturday.  Maxi you have moved on to Saturday Club and relish the challenge that games with the older boys bring and are really looking forward to being allowed in a team after your birthday in March.  It is also wonderful seeing how you often stay and help with the tots, that Mini plays with.  Mini is much happier when there is a larger group of children at the tots and your being with him is a real boost.  Mini Daddy said you are a great dribble and when you put your mind to it you are a fab footballer.

We have seen some fantastic things this year as a family and been on some super trips.  Mini you especially loved our time in London and are still fascinated by Big Ben and the workings of parliament and Westminster, whilst Maxi I think that the London Eye was your favorite part of the trip, followed by your trip to the Natural History Museum.

We have been to Butlins at Bognor and you both agreed that the water park was wonderful.  We have also had some great trips to Legoland, Thomasland, Flamingoland and Drayton Manner and you both enjoy going on all the rides and seeing the animals.  We even celebrated Mini’s birthday with The Wiggles!

As a family we have made great use of our English Heritage pass and been to lots of local attractions including Whitby Abbey, Bishop Auckland Castle and many, many more.  We always pack and picnic and you boys have so much fun exploring and playing hide and seek together.  We went on an Easter Egg hunt at Ormesby hall and  you both had a go at washing clothes in the old fashions laundry.

We have spend wonderful weekends at our hidden place on the moors, paddling in the beck, playing football, picnicking and flying the kites, but most of all enjoying each others company.

Our beloved cat Mr Smudge died and you were both so amazing about this, insisting that Daddy buried him and in some ways I do feel that this has meant that you both understand a little more about the fact that Grandma isn’t coming back.

You have both been very understanding of the times I have had to go into hospital and have come with me for numerous blood tests and visits.

All in all 2010 has been a great year, yes it has had its challenges for all of us, but together we have managed them and we are all growing and developing as a family.  I for one know for certain how proud I am to be your Mummy and I am looking forward to next year and all that it brings.

So thank you boys, for lighting up my life.  I love you both.