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Toddler Bedrooms: Ultimate Essentials

Making the progression from nursery to fun-filled toddler bedroom can be a difficult process; ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible can be a real chore, especially when it’s blanketed with efforts to keep your child in their toddler bed throughout the night!


While many may choose to continue with the décor and layout that they already have, others use the toddler years as an excuse to update the bedroom so that it’s a little more grownup. It could mean a change of furniture, a lick of paint or addition of toys that may usually live elsewhere. Combine that with some new bedding, a few new onesies and some accessories that bring the room together and your toddler’s bedroom will feel like a whole new space in no time at all. If you’re a bit stuck on where to start though, here are a few pointers that can help.


If you are planning to upgrade furniture in your little ones rooms, now would be a good time to do it. It’s a time where they will be having a new toddler/child’s bed anyway, and saying goodbye to the cot that they have grown attached to. You could also invest in a bigger wardrobe if you haven’t done so already, especially as they get bigger and will be able to reach higher. Taller wardrobes fit much more in them, after all! You can also remove the changing table, seeing as they’ll be trained, or at least close to being.


With a new bed comes brand-spanking new bedding, naturally! As they’re a little older now, you could chat to them about what sort of theme that they’d like running through their bedroom, from princesses to pirates and superheroes, it’s completely up to you and your little one. Treat them to some fun new bedding and have a look at some of the cute character onesies at George so that they can feel totally special in their new room.

The Theme

You don’t have to stop at the bedding if you do decide to theme the room, though. You could add some super funky curtains, a cute border or some accessories such as a cushion, rug or lightshade.


If you’re going to go the whole distance, a lick of paint wouldn’t go unnoticed by your little one. While it can be a bit difficult to do, especially when you’re in a rental property, if you do have the freedom to decorate the walls, your child will love it! From a feature wall, complete with mural, to wall decal stickers or a simple paint job, a little colour can breathe fresh air into a room that has probably remained the same for the first couple of years of your child’s life.

Is it time for a change? If it is, there are plenty of ways you can make a toddler’s bedroom look amazing. Add some of their toys so that they can play in the mornings and who knows, you may even get a lie-in!