Tomato and courgette bruschetta – cooking with kids 10

This is one of those recipes, that isnt really a recipe as much as the fact we had grown tomatoes and yellow courgettes this h=year in our garden and wanted to use them up before we went on holiday.  So we experimented and it turned out amazingly well.

I want my boys to enjoy their time in the kitchen.  To realise that not every recipe has to be from a book and that sometimes you can experiment and produce wonderful food from very few, great quality ingredients and that is what happened this week.

Tomato and courgette bruschetta

I am a huge fan of growing vegetables with my children.  We do not grow a lot, but we try and grow something different and this year we planted yellow courgettes.  We were not hopeful for them or the tomatoes as we had a few late frosts, but eventually they came good and we had a small late harvest,  The boys have eaten a lot of the tomatoes of the plants, but the last ones had pretty thick skins, so although delicious, I knew we would need to cook them.

Tomato and courgette bruschetta

We set to slicing the courgettes in to slices and placed them into a baking dish, along with the small tomatoes whole.  The boys then chopped the larger tomatoes in half and placed them in the bowl too.  We then added a glug (which I assured the boys was the technical term) of olive oil and added some seasoning.  As my boys like some spice, we added a three of our home cooked chillies (whole) some paprika and garlic salt, before adding them to the oven and roasted at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.

Tomato and courgette bruschetta

Once cooked and cooked for ten minutes we served our tomato and courgettes on toasted bread.

This was a huge success, not only did the boys love it, but it allowed them to work using the freshest ingredients and without a prescriptive recipe.   They discussed what seasonings to use, how much to add and how long to cook it.

Now I would show you a picture, but the boys ate it before I could get the camera out.  So I will add one once we are back off holiday!

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