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Top 10 tips for capturing your family holiday with a travel photo book

Some of the greatest family memories are made when on holiday! Whether you spent the week with the kids on the beach making sandcastles or had an action-packed trip exploring a new country, your family holiday is sure to have been a source of precious moments that you will remember forever! Which is why I have collaborated with Atelier Rosemood, on bringing you Top 10 tips for capturing your family holiday with a travel photo book

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Whilst a digital camera allows you to host the classic slideshow evening on your return to share your favourite snaps with friends and family, let’s be honest… how many times are you going to look over these photos again unless you print them out? 

Travel photo albums are the ideal way to record your favourite holiday memories and will allow you to spend many an evening flicking back through your family adventures! You will be able to relive your favourite holidays and rediscover each exciting destination with the turn of every page of your personalised photo books

With a wealth of options out there, it can be difficult to know where to start when creating a travel photo album. This is why Atelier Rosemood, purveyors of personalised stationery and photo books, are here to share their top tips to help you create the perfect family holiday photo album from your latest trip. 

Top 10 tips for capturing your family holiday with a travel photo book

Top 10 tips for capturing your family holiday with a travel photo book

  1. Pick your photos in advance

Photographing kids is not easy and we are sure that you have plenty of photos where you were too late to capture the magic moment between siblings and instead caught them just as they started to make silly faces or pick their noses. Whilst these photos may be a perfect source of embarrassing stories for the future, you may not want to give them a full page spread in your photo book so it is worth filtering down your photos before you make a start on your album online. 

Gather together your photos into one folder on your computer and don’t be afraid to go through and delete photos that don’t make the cut! Whilst deleting photos seems like a big deal, remember that it is not worth keeping ten versions of the same panorama! 

2. Choose the best size and format

Not sure what type of travel photo album to choose? Here is a quick guide to photo book formats to point you in the right direction: 

  • Softcover photo books – a budget-friendly option for your yearly holiday photo albums, allowing you to edit the number of pages and photos that you wish to include. 
  • Hardcover photo books – it can be worth splashing out on a hardcover photo book for that holiday of a lifetime as these albums are made to stand the test of time and will become a new family heirloom. 
  • Landscape photo books are ideal for your wide-angle shots for all the breathtaking views on your family holiday!
  • Portrait photo books – you guessed it…these photo books are perfect for family portraits!
  • Square photo books are compatible with both portrait and landscape photos. 

3. Create a breathtaking photo book cover

You want the photo book cover to take you straight back to your destination as soon as you pick up your travel photo book so if you can include a photo, choose the one that best sums up your holiday or the one that captures your favourite moment together. 

4. Tell the story of your holiday day by day

Family holidays don’t just start once you arrive at your destination. The journey there can also be a great, (if not stressful), experience. Capture the excitement of the kids as you arrive at the airport or adorable pictures of your little ones asleep in the car! Open your photo book with the big departure and then add your photos in order to retell your holidays day by day. Ordering your photos chronologically will make it easier for you to share your adventures with loved ones and will ensure that no anecdote goes forgotten. 

5. …or activity by activity

If you stayed in one place during your family holiday then it may be difficult to give a chronological account of your travels. You may, therefore, wish to consider structuring your travel photo album thematically, grouping together the shots of you all playing at the beach or relaxing around the pool. Keeping photos in similar styles and colours together will make for a visually striking photo album.

6. Remember that less is often more

Creating your photo book should not be about trying to squeeze in as many photos as possible! Whilst Rosemood offers you the chance to add up to 9 photos per page, this does not mean that you should do so on each and every page. These photo montages are great for grouping together similar photos or for capturing smaller details of your travels, but many photos will be worthy of a full page spread! One large photo of your favourite view will have much more value than ten smaller ones taken from different angles. 

7. Add text to narrate your story

Whilst the traditional phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” still holds true, a few words in your travel photo album will help you remember every precious moment and will make it easier for you to retell your adventures for years to come. Give yourself a little prompt by adding in captions or chapter headings, noting down the places you visited and the names of the people you met.

8. Play around with the page layouts

One of the advantages of creating a travel photo album online is that you can choose the layout of each page. Whilst you may be tempted to try out every available layout, it is best to stick to a combination of four or five layouts to create a cohesive photo book. Choose a mixture of full page layouts and photo montages to vary the size of your images and to make flicking through the pages a more enjoyable experience. 

9. Take your time

It is definitely worth taking the time to get your travel photo album just right, and luckily for you creating a photo book online allows you to save your progress as you go. Put your photo book together little by little and go back over the pages to make sure that you have everything just how you imagined! 

If you are strapped for time, you can always have your supplier put your photo book together for you. Rosemood’s photo bookmaker can automatically fill the pages of your album with your photos, and you will still have the chance to fine tune the pages afterwards!

10. Ask the experts

You don’t have to go it alone! If you have any questions about your photo book or need some advice on the layout, do not hesitate to get in touch with the experts. Rosemood’s friendly customer service team will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about your travel photo book! Their proofreaders and graphic designers will even check over your travel photo album before it goes to print to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect!

Make sure you record those precious travel memories to look back on with our Top 10 tips for capturing your family holiday with a travel photo book.

We hope that these top tips will help you to create the perfect travel photo book, allowing you to immortalise your latest family adventures. Start a collection of travel photo books to record your memories over the years as this collection will become a precious record of how the kids have grown and of the fun times spent together as a family. You will be able to look back fondly at the places that you discovered together and can even create new memories as you flick through your photo books together in the years to come!

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