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Top 5 back to school tips

It is nearly back to school time in England and it has been and passed for my Scottish friends, but I want to share my top 5 back to school tips with you.  These are my tips for making the transition back to school easier for everyone.

back to school top tips
  1. Start moving bedtime gradually back to a school night time.  My boys go to bed between 7.30 and 8.00 pm on a school night, but have been going back to school much later during the holidays, especially this week as we are in France on holiday.  By bringing it back to their normal time over the next week or so, they will not lay in bed awake the night before school and their body will be accustom to the correct bedtime.
  2. Make getting your things out the night before a MUST for everyone in the house.  Starting the new school year organised goes a long way.  I try to set expectations for all of us that first week and stick with them.
  3. Don’t be a martyr.   Why sit for hours stitching on labels, when you can stamp them or even better get one of the children to stamp them.  I love Stamptastic and the ones I stamped last year still look ace.  Involve everyone on getting things organised for back to school.  If you hate the shoe shopping then get your partner to do it for you.
  4. If you child is going on school lunch, get a different packed lunch bag, I love these from Pink Lining as not all the children’s classmates will have them making them easier for your children to spot.  Also stock up the freezer with homemade baked goods such as these fab banana muffins (which go frozen in to the lunchboxes).  Saving you time the first few days of the new term.
  5. Make a chart with what needs doing my each child each morning.  I find that making sure the boys know what they need to do and in what order makes my life easier.   With the added joy of a puppy dog walking will be making its way on to that chart!
my top 5 back to school tips with you.  These are my tips for making the transition back to school easier for everyone.

What do you do to make going back to school easier for the whole family?

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