Top-5 Common Breakdowns of Bosch Washing Machines

Despite common belief, not only low-quality and cheap washing machines can break down. Repair may be needed even for a very expensive and technologically advanced device. It may surprise you a little, but some breakdowns are more common in washing machines of one brand, while other breakdowns are more common in another. This is normal because each brand is unique, even in the type of breakdowns and repair methods.

In the head of most users, there is an idea that Bosch home appliances are among the most reliable in the world and never break down. To a certain extent, you are right, these are reliable washing machines, but they periodically require repairs. Branded equipment is assembled at factories in Germany, Bulgaria, and Turkey, but the type of breakdowns is very similar for any of them, as well as their repair or restoration. On the site, you will find a reliable appliance repair in Brampton. However, before calling the technician, you may want to define the malfunction to understand how much it will cost you.

How to Detect the Breakdown of a Bosch Washing Machine?

Before proceeding to the repair, you need to clearly understand what type of breakdown has happened and know the features of the certain situation you face. When considering Bosch machines, individual models have features that should be taken into account during repairs.

If a breakdown occurs or the equipment does not work properly, you should find out the reason. You can make a conclusion based on your own experience and a set of certain signs of breakdown. For example, the drum does not rotate, but the machine is turned on and running, there are strange vibrations during the spin cycle, and so on. The manufacturer has taken care of our convenience and provided the possibility of automatic diagnostics. This feature is embedded in the device, and even an inexperienced user can do it.

  1. The washing machine must be ready for diagnostics – it should be tightly closed;
  2. Turn the programmer knob to the “Off” position;
  3. After a while, turn the programmer to the “Spin” position to the right (only to the right – this is important!), so the indicator on the “Start” button starts flashing;
  4. Press the spin speed selection button and hold it;
  5. Switch the programmer knob to the “Drain” program and release the spin rotation button.

After the manipulations, the breakdown code will appear on the display. You may also conduct a separate diagnosis of the components, such as the heating element, engine, pump, water intake valves, etc. The error code that appears can be easily deciphered using the manual for the machine. Knowing the cause of the malfunction and its source, one can conclude the possibility of self-repair or the need to call a specialist. To complete the diagnosis of the Bosch washing machine, simply turn the programmer knob to the “Off” position.

What Breaks down More Often and Why

If you are the owner of a Bosch washing machine, you need to know what to do in case of a breakdown. The most typical failures for the machines of this brand include different options that are not related:

  1. Breakdown of the heating element

Most frequently, the failure of the heating element occurs in three cases:

  • The first option occurs after prolonged use of the device when the heating element is covered with a thick layer of scale, which causes it to burn out. The harder the water in the system, the sooner this can happen.
  • The second reason is a voltage drop in the mains or a short circuit, due to which the heating element may burn out.
  • The third reason is the foreign objects in the tank.
  • Failure of bearings

Regular overloading of the drum leads to the destruction of the bearings. Also, natural wear contributes to the need to replace them with new ones.

  • Clogged filter

The filter is located at the bottom of the washing machine. It is clogged with piles, large threads, and even foreign objects, for example, buttons, small things forgotten in pockets, coins, etc.

  • Failure of the drain pump

Pump failure can occur for two main reasons. The first reason is the foreign objects, such as buttons, metal parts, coins, etc. The second reason is a voltage drop in the network or a short circuit.

  • Broken belt

The belt may also break due to drum overloads. If the bearings are destroyed and the washing machine starts to vibrate strongly, this also leads to a broken belt.

Any washing machine, even the most reliable one, is not 100% protected from breakdowns. Now you know how to detect them in Bosch washing machines.