Top 8 Essentials Your Newborn Baby Needs For The Summer 

Summer is coming, and everyone, including your baby, needs to be prepared to stay fresh. During this hot season, taking care of your newborn is extra challenging. You have to be well-equipped to keep them cool and comfy at home or outdoors.  

Newborn babies are delicate little angels. They need additional care to keep them safe and healthy, especially during summer. As a mom, you should prepare all the necessary items for your little one for this season. 

And for that, here are the top eight essentials your newborn baby needs for the summer:

  1. Breathable Onesies 

Preparing breathable onesies for your little sweetheart is a must during summer. Dressing them up keeps them protected. However, you have to choose ones made with breathable fabric to ensure their comfort in the hot weather.  

Some of the most suitable fabrics for baby onesies are organic cotton and muslin. These materials are very soft and breathable, perfect for your newborn’s sensitive skin. Plus, their breathability helps keep your baby cool and fresh. 

Onesies come in different colours and designs. While they all look adorable for your little one, going for white and other light colours with minimal design is ideal in the summer. Light-coloured clothing absorbs less heat, helping your little one keep cool.  

  1. Comfy T-shirts 

Wearing comfy t-shirts is the best way to keep you and your baby chill during the summer. Your baby can wear basic tees indoors or outdoors when you’re strolling.  

The t-shirt’s loose cut is perfect for summer. When choosing one for your newborn, always go for at least one size bigger. This additional allowance gives your baby extra wiggle room to freely move their arms and keep the air flowing through their clothes.  

As mentioned, always choose ones in a lighter colour since this hack can protect your newborn’s delicate skin from harsh sun rays.  

  1. Lightweight Swaddle 

Newborns love swaddling as it imitates the inside of their mom’s womb, making them feel safe. Being swaddled also keeps them relaxed, promoting uninterrupted sleep and nap.  

Choosing a lightweight swaddle blanket is one of the top summer essentials for newborns. The best material for baby blankets is cotton muslin. It’s soft, lightweight, durable, and highly breathable. It can keep your baby cozy while sleeping.  

  1. Washcloth 

A washcloth isn’t a usual newborn essential. However, summer requires moms to do some improvisations to keep their babies cool and safe.  

Bringing cold washcloths is necessary, especially when you’re outdoors. To avoid irritation during hot weather, you may dab the cold and wet cloth onto your baby’s skin. You may carry some washcloths and cold water in an insulated bottle during your stroll.  

Using a washcloth to cool down your newborn’s temperature is a lifesaver. However, make sure they’re just at the right temperature. Avoid using ice or frozen cloth directly on your baby’s skin because it may irritate them.

  1. Sunhat 

Baby sunhats are stylish and functional. Whether you’re just walking outside or going on a beach trip, they can give enough protection from the sun and heat. When choosing baby sunhats, vibrant colours like lemon yellow and lime green are perfect for the summer.  

As an additional mom tip, avoid going out under direct sunlight. Despite wearing a sunhat, your newborn may still experience skin irritation when exposed to the sun for an extended period.  

  1. Sun Protection Blanket 

While adults apply sunscreen as protection from harmful UV rays, newborns also need a shield. Since most sunscreens are not suitable for babies, they need an alternative. 

A sun protection blanket is an excellent summer must-have for newborns. Like sunscreen lotions for adults, this blanket has UPF 50+, blocking harmful sunlight. It should be in your baby bag when going on a beach trip or outside with the whole family in hot weather.  

Sun blankets are often made of cotton and bamboo fabric, which are soft on the skin. Manufacturers use a unique weaving technique to block sunlight for up to 98%.    

  1. Baby Swimsuit 

Summer pushes everyone to go swimming to beat the heat. When bringing your little one on a beach trip, prepare an appropriate swimsuit to get them ready for a splash.  

When shopping for a baby swimsuit, onesies are the top option. They are comfy and easy to wear. However, you may also choose a long-sleeve rash guard for better sun protection.  

Whether going for a swim or simply hanging out by the beach, make sure your little one wears sun-protective clothing.  

  1. Swim Diapers 

Babies can start swimming on the beach at two months old. If you’re taking your little swimmer to the sea, having some swim diapers is necessary.  

Swim diapers are a beach or pool trip essential when you’re with babies and kids. You can layer the swim diaper over a regular diaper to use it efficiently. The regular diaper will absorb liquids and hold solids, while the swim diaper serves as a waterproof outer layer.  


Preparing for the summer can be a challenging task for moms. Fortunately, you can ensure your baby is geared up for the hot season with the summer essentials above.