Top comics for 7 and 8 year old boys – tried and tested by the Mini Mads 1

Time to fess up.  Although Maxi is an advanced reader, he is a reluctant one.  He reads way above his age, but doesn’t find it enjoyable.  He doesn’t get caught up in the stories like Mini and I do.  But he does like a comic.  So here is The Mad House low down on top comics for seven and eight year old boys.  I do not let the boys choose a comic at the book  store  or supermarket as they will inevitably chose one for the free gift and it will remain unread!

top comics

LEGO Club Magazine – Free, quarterly

A free quality childrens magazine, yes I did say free.  The boys love their LEGO magazines and are glue to them from the minute they pop through the letter box.  There is a Junior magazine for under sevens and it really is filled with hours of fun.  It gives you ideas of things to build with your LEGO, stories, comic strips and puzzles too.  There is also an interactive version of the magazine too.

Anorak – £6 per addition, quarterly

Anorak is “the ‘happy mag for kids’ is aimed at boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old” and it is a beautiful magazine.  Printed on recycled paper with vegetable inks, the pages are matt and it has a wonderful book smell. It isn’t a throwaway publication.  Just like much loved children’s magazines and annuals of the past, it is designed to be collected and kept.  In fact it is in the front of our bookcase and the boys go back to their previous copies on a regular basis.

The Phoenix – £2.99, weekly

This is a 32 page weekly comic, which is aimed at children aged 8 to 12 years old it features 7 or more exciting story strips, a puzzle competition and a new non-fiction strip every week of the year.  If you have an avid reader then this is the comic for you.  It is fun, full of quality stories and delivered every week.  Both the boys love The Phoenix, but it is too regular for us.  We would prefer it on a monthly basis as when they are busy they just pile up and you need to read them in order as some of the stories are longer than one week.    If you have a very reluctant reader then The Phoenix is available on the IPad.

Strike-it – £2.99 13 issues a year

Strike-It is a football magazine aimed at children under 13.  It contains posters, sports quizzes and interviews with football stars.  It also has tips on football skills.  Mini adores this magazine and reads it again and again.  He is one of those children that can spout statistics at you and loves football too, so this is the perfect age appropriate football magazine for him.

Spider-Man Magazine -£2.99, 13 issues a year

Spider-man has had a resurgence of recent months and both the boys are keen on the Spiderman Cartoon on Disney at the moment, so this magazine has tapped into that.   Spider-Man Magazine is an age appropriate take on the Spiderman story and is aimed at children aged six to twelve, so is perfectly pitched at my boys.  It is a comic strip style cartoon book with added extras including puzzles and colouring pages.  It has a really vintage feel to it.

 National Geographic Kids – £33, 12 issues

We had a subscription of this last year and the boys enjoyed it, but it is a little on the commercial side.   For children that love nature it is a nice read with competitions, puzzles and prizes.   You tend to also get a free gidt with each edition too.  Mini loved the posters that come with the magazine too.   For two fact obsessed boys this was a good buy.