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Top comics for ten year old boys

I love reading and I am so pleased to have been able to pass that love of reading on to my boys.  Mini has always been a ferocious reader, but Maxi was a reluctant reader up until the last year or so.  One of the things to remember as a parent is that reading doesn’t always have to equal books and comics are a great way to encourage readers.  So here are our current top comics for ten year old boys.

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All of these have been tried and testing by both Maxi (who is ten) and Mini (who is nine and an early reader). We would never recommend something that we did not use or try ourselves.


Top comics for ten year old’s

Match Magazine


Both the boys are HUGE football players and Mini asked for a subscription to Match from his grandparents for Christmas and he waits for it to be delivered every week and devours it.  If you have a football loving child, who loves statistics, information and all things football related then this is the magazine for you.

LEGO Club Magazine


Now this might only be a quarterly magazine, but the boys Love it and so do I as it is FREE.  There are 3 LEGO Club Magazines aimed at different age groups (from 4 to 12) and they are superb.

Puzzle Club

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Both the boys love a good puzzle and Puzzle Club, which is bi-monthly is aimed at 7 to 11 year olds, produced by experts and approved by teachers. Maxi particularly loved it and finished it in a couple of sittings.  At £3.99 for 64 pages it is also great value.

Amazing Magazine

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This is a beautifully illustrated quality monthly magazine aimed at 7 to 13 year olds.   Amazing is one of those magazines that has something for everyone and my lads always find something in it to marvel at.  Each magazine is based on a theme such as pirates or superheroes and it is a unisex magazine and costs £3.50 and is well worth it.

Eco Kids Planet


This is the perfect magazine for any animal or nature loving kids out there.  It is a beautifully made magazine with a quality feel to it. It aims to bring children to the wonders of nature, and encourage them to protect their planet by the everyday choices they make.  Each magazine comes with an 8-12 page workbook with quizzes and activities.

The Phoenix Comic


The boys had a subscription to The Phenix last year and loved it.  It is a weekly comic with fantastic stories.  A big bonus with The Phoenix is there are no adverts, just lots of content. The only reason we didn’t renew their subscription is they have moved on to the Phoenix Comic Books – UK Link/US Link



The husbeast remembers reading Beano and Mini loves it just as much as his Dad did! It is a classic and we often hear him giggling away to himself when he is reading.  Beano is a weekly magazine and isn’t something that we get each week, but it is a great one to get occasionally and not feel as though you have missed something.

LEGO Ninjago


LEGO Ninjago is the top cartoon on Cartoon Network and my boys are big LEGO fans, so love this monthly magazine which retails at £3.25.  It also comes with a FREE LEGO toy making it fab value. If you have a kid that loves popsters then most issues come with a couple too.  Maxi loves reading about Red Ninja Kai and his band of spin masters.

So here is our top comics for ten year old boys.  We would love to know your favorite comic books for this age group.  What have we missed?

top comics for ten year old boys

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