Top ideas to add space to your family home

Is your family home bursting at the seams?  For most of us, moving to a new house isn’t on the cards right now.  So, how do you make the most of the space you have?  And how do you know it’s money well spent?  

Here are some ideas for creating more space and adding value to your home.

Convert an unused space

One of the most common ways to add extra room to your home, is to convert unused space.  This could be an integral garage that you no longer use for a car, the awkward nook under the stairs, or the empty loft space.

Loft spaces are great for adding extra bedrooms, playrooms, guest rooms or even a home office.  Integral garages can be used to create more kitchen space, a utility room, or even a toy-free snug for adults to relax in after the kids have gone to bed.  Nooks under the stairs can be used to create an extra toilet, a den for the kids, or a small study area.

The price of insulation, plastering and decoration will need to be considered in the cost of a loft conversion or transforming a garage.  If you’re adding a toilet under the stairs, then plumbing costs will be a factor.  However, all these options will add useful space and add value to your home. If you add a Juliet Balcony to improve the look of your home it will make that loft conversion bring in even more light.

Add a bit more space

Another option would be to add a bit more space.  One of the simplest ways to do this is to add a conservatory to the back of the house.  Adding a conservatory will create more living space to use as an extra lounge, as a dining room or playroom.  If you prefer open plan living, a conservatory can create additional space to open out the lounge or kitchen.

Another option might be to add a small extension onto the back of your home.  As long as you keep within the permitted development rules, you won’t need planning permission.  This will help keep the extension costs down.

Make more floorspace

If you don’t have enough money to extend your home at the moment, then try to make the most of your existing floorspace.

Decluttering is the most obvious way to increase your space, but there are other things you can try too.  Do you have large pieces of furniture taking up a lot of floorspace?  Could you switch these for more space-saving alternatives?  For example, try wall mounting shelves and televisions, so you don’t need to take up space with bookcases and tv units.  Work from home?  Try swapping a traditional desk for one that mounts on the wall and folds away when not in use.